Dragon Ball Z


Toonami Reveals November 2015 Programming Highlights

Immerse yourself in people-vanishing mysteries with new episodes of ‘Wakfu’ only on Toonami Gear up and go on a fantastical adventure as new episodes of Wakfu take over Toonami this month. Yugo the Eliatrope is still unfazed with his quest to find his real family. He and his friends have traversed through dangerously tricky terrain…

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Here’s the New Super Saiyan Form for Gokou in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

Heads up here's a new Super Saiyan form for Son Gokou set to appear in  Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. Mind you this isn't SSJ4; it turns out this new form is going to be called the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and will be 'unlocked' to defeat the new powered form that Frieza will…

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