Detective Pikachu Shows An Electrifyingly Simple Film Can Be Fun

Once the trailer dropped for Detective Pikachu in 2018, I was sold. Pokemon has such been a phenomenon since the first game was released in 1997, fast becoming a household name once the animated series hit airwaves in 1999. With Pikachu as the franchise mascot, it comes to no surprise that Legendary and Nintendo have chosen to use the adorable yellow mouse to star in his own movie.

And it works!

Detective Pikachu Finally Brings Pokemon To Life

How would it look like if there were Pokemon in the real world? That’s something anyone who’s watched any episode of Pokemon, or anyone who’s ever seen a Pokemon, would have thought at some point in their lives. I have, you have, and the whole world has done it. When Satoshi Tajiri used his love for bug collecting to create the wonderful Pokemon we know, we were limited to playing with them in our Game Boys and our imaginations.

And honestly, in the age of Pokemon Go, you know we’re all itching to get Pokemon in real life. Now, thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and The Pokemon Company, we finally have the opportunity to see them interact with actors on the big screen.

The studio, doing their research, chose RJ Palmer (check out his work!), a DeviantArt user well known for his Realistic Pokemon designs. He brings to life the most well-known Pokemon to life in the best way possible. In fact, he doesn’t stop short of getting every single Pokemon look “spot on” in the real world.

There are gratuitous shots Pidgeots and Bulbasaurs and other Pokemon that we’ve come to love. And we see Pokemon in every generation into a visual feast on the silver screen. Give yourself a chance to pick out and identify every Pokemon you come across. I couldn’t name some of them anymore!

Casting initially had me sceptical during the trailer, especially because they had Pikachu talk. WTF? Ryan Reynolds is already synonymous with Deadpool, why does he have to be Pikachu? And with his recent performance with the character in its sequel, you’d think he’d be stuck with the Merc-With-A-Mouth forever. But Pika-Reynolds actually works.

A Not-So-Perfect Film Perfect For Newcomers, Fans

Detective Pikachu isn’t perfect. The film suffers from uneven pacing and a really annoying Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens who served no purpose in the plot but to bring the scene stealing Psyduck along. Thankfully, Justice Smith gives a fun, relatable performance with good chemistry with all the Pokemon on screen. And Ryan Reynolds transforms into an adorably awesome Detective Pikachu.

The plot may at sometimes feel recycled. However, as a long time Pokemon fan, it might be better to say they’re call backs. Many scenes use scenes and music from the video games that immediately register to kids who grew up with the franchise like me.

It’s a film that, basically, hinges on the fans who can spot all the easter eggs and nostalgia being hinted at the entire time. With that in mind, Detective Pikachu doesn’t disappoint.

The Film Was Simple, But That’s Not The Point

Come in to this movie without expecting heavy plotting. The plot remains simple, easy to follow, and packs a punch with the feelings near the end. And if you ask me, it’s actually entertaining enough for a quick rewatch with friends.

And if all that doesn’t convince you that this is a fantastically fun movie, Pikachu’s charm alone is all you need to fall in love and get back and play your Gameboy ROMs all over again.

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