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Hatsune Miku Returns To Brave Frontier For An Encore!

Back in the slightly earlier days of mobile RPG apps, a little number called Brave Frontier got me hooked. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of patience for the grind, but I sure enjoyed the engaging gameplay and the effects. I was among the people who sadly, did not get Hatsune Miku the first time she appeared in a collaboration event, but the great news is that she’s back!

That’s right, Brave Frontier is having another Hatsune Miku collaboration event, and this one features not one, but five variations of the GC-Idol in all her battle-goddess greatness!

Brave Frontier: Miku Joins Winter, Spring Festivities!

The Spring and Winter Collaboration Events kicked off on February 7, and players were able to summon both the 2017 and 2018 versions of Snow Miku via Collaboration Summon. To celebrate this, the Winter Dungeon: Melody of Winter were also made available to fans such as myself.

This snowy dungeon has dangers of its own, but the rewards were completely worth it. if you’ve collected as much Yukine Tokens as you could, you may have gotten the exclusive reward Sphere, Kagara Suzu! Fans of the star were also able to enjoy the Snow Miku 2018 festival song, TOKOTOKO’s Round Square Off The Earth while you braved this wintry wonderland.

The Snow Miku summon event ran until March 6th, while the dungeon ran until February 28th. Were you able to grab Miku in this awesome event? How did she fare?

For a quick recap:

Collaboration Summon: Snow Miku ran from Feb. 7 to Mar. 6

  • This is Brave Frontier’s gift for the winter season, as Miku has been added to the Collaboration Summon slate throughout this duration. Be mesmerized with her voice as you journey with your companions around Grand Gaia!

Winter Dungeon: Melody of Winter ran from Feb. 7 to Feb. 28

  • This shorter event is a dungeon iteration, where you help Snow Miku look for her animal friends. In Grand Gaia, Snow Miku is in fact capable of soothing storms and pacify monters with her lovely voice. Help her find her friends and the Yukine Tokens you’ll get will give you Kagura Suzu.

Spring has sprung!

The Spring Chapter of the Collaboration Event brings another Miku to the stage, named after her own song, it’s Senbonzakura Miku! And back for a rerun, please welcome to the stage via the Spring-Themed Summon Gate, it’s Mankai Sakura Miku!

Want more? These two are just a small part of Brave Frontier’s spring special, be on the lookout for even more events on their official pages. The Sakura Miku Collaboration event runs from February 28th to March 19th, so do your best and you might just be blessed by the cherry blossoms this year.

For a recap:

Collaboration Summon: Sakura Miku ran from Feb. 28 to Mar 19

  • This is Brave Frontier’s continuation of the seasonal festivities, as Snow Miku transcends into Sakura Miku courtesy of the Senbonzakura Miku summon. However, you can also get the Mankai Sakura Miku iteration at the time as well.

Here’s the comeback tour!

If you happen to be like me and you missed the first time Miku arrived on the stage of Grand Gaia, you’re in luck! The Songstress of Light Event Dungeon makes a return to Brave Frontier beginning February 7! Treat yourself to a special comeback performance of the one and only Hatsune Miku until March 19th.

It isn’t just the OG Miku who’s back for more, the 2014 Virtual Singers summon event is back for an encore! Head on over to the Special Summon Gate from February 7 to March 19 and you’ll be able to get Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, and Luka! It’s an MMD dream come true!

For a quick recap:

Event Dungeon: Songstress of Light ran from Feb. 7 to Mar. 19

  • In this returning content pack, the popular Songstress of Light dungeon allowed fans to get the original Hatsune Miku summon after traversing this dungeon.

Collaboration Summon: Virtual Singers ran from Feb. 7 to Mar. 19

  • If you can’t get enough Miku, then get her pals as well! Collaboration summons with Luka, Len, Rin, Kaito, and Meiko were also made available at the Special Summon Gate. This allowed players to get them at their 2014 iterations.

The struggle might be real when it comes to RNGsus blessing your pulls, but you won’t get there if you aren’t playing!

Brave Frontier is available now on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows OS Devices.


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