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Did Dan Slott kill off Marvel vs Capcom in Spider-Verse?

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics held a Spidey-centric event called “Spider-Verse”, where it saw a huge number of Spider-men from different realities converge in one event. In one of the side-stories, Spidey scribe Dan Slott managed to insert some Marvel vs Capcom in Spider-Verse. And well, something happened.

Okay, so maybe this page did not entirely kill the Marvel vs Capcom line. However, this scene does bring a couple of points to the table:

  • So apparently the VS. series are confirmed to have their own Earth numbered universe. Considering the current state of the video game franchise, it would be nice to handwave it not existing anymore thanks to those Incursions.
  • With Morlun defeating MvC|Spidey (and most likely eaten by said Inheritor), would that mean Spider-man won’t be appearing in any future VS series games? Then again, this point becomes moot once Secret Wars starts (which is SOON!).
  • Morlun too strong, must nerf.

Despite all that, it’s quite fun to see some people in Marvel validating the existence of the VS series. Now I do hope they share their license again for a potential Marvel vs Capcom 4.


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