DBZ’s Epic Yamcha Moment captured in Premium Bandai’s new figure!

Premium Bandai, Bandai’s official online shopping website, has opened the pre-order period for one of Dragon Ball Z’s notoriously epic moments, Yamcha’s death from the hands of a self-destructing Saibamen.

Here are some more pictures of Yamcha in his immortalized plastic glory:

The figure appears to be very detailed but is designed to lie flat on its side, further emphasizing how inept our beloved Z Warrior was. And to give you an idea on how big the figure is, P-Bandai was kind enough to display this image on their website:

Sleep tight, Yamcha

According to the P-Bandai website, the figure will be released around August 2015. The selling price is 3,456 Yen which is roughly around 1,300 PhP. For more information, visit the official page here.

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