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James Sunderland in a new game?

Guy Cihi, known for being the model, motion capture artist, and voice actor of Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland, revealed yesterday in an interview with Super Best Friends that he will be lending his voice to a new game: Forgotten Memories.

Due to be released in the 3rd quarter of this year for PC, iOS, PS VITA, and Wii U, Forgotten Memories is a survival horror game, in which players take control of Detective Rose Hawkins as she explores an abandoned asylum in search for a missing girl.

In Guy’s description of the game, noting the dilapidated state of the hospital and the psychological terror that the game makes the player experience, he paints it as a spiritual successor to Silent Hill 2. He describes Rose’s character as a grown-up Laura, an important person who James meets during the events of Silent Hill 2.

Guy himself plays Nathan, Rose’s partner, who will only briefly appear in the game. However during the interview, Cihi revealed that there are plans for a sequel wherein Nathan will be the protagonist, whose main objective is to reunite with his partner with whom he loses contact during her investigation of the psychiatric hospital. It is also interesting to note that Nathan was redesigned, as seen in this article’s headline image, to look more like Cihi after he confirmed his intent to join the project.

The original Nathan design, courtesy of the official Forgotten Memories Facebook page.
The original Nathan design, courtesy of the official Forgotten Memories Facebook page.

As a final note of interest, during the interview Guy Cihi also stated his intent in making a game of his own with a software company that he is involved with.

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