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Newest Tekken 7 Character Revealed!

During the most recent Tekken 7 developer stream, series director Katsuhiro Harada unveiled the latest character to be added to the roster: Josie Rizal

If it wasn’t evident enough by the name, though if anything the reveal trailer makes her seem more Japanese than anything, she’s of Filipino descent. While certainly not the first Filipino character to be part of the Tekken cast, (that title goes to Mokujin) she IS the first fully fleshed out Filipino Tekken character.

According to developers, her fighting style is a mixture of Kickboxing and Eskrima. Her name also sounds very similar to a certain national hero, if you don’t get the intricately crafted naming convention the developers went with.

Based from the video at least, she looks pretty fun to use and carries her own unique moveset that seems fun to learn.

Also spotted on the newer reveal trailers is the slow-mo mechanic which activates during a simultaneous attack between both players when they are under a certain health threshold. According to Harada this was added to give matches a “more exciting, cinematic feel.” The mechanic doesn’t seem to grant any advantages to either player and at least looks to only activate when either player is a hit away from defeat.


We’ve found a higher-res version of the above clip, sans audio. Watch ’til the end to see the official release cosplay for the character, though!

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