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Suikoden VI Announced For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Konami announces that Suikoden VI is currently in development.

The erstwhile illustrious video game company revealed that the sequel to one of the most recognizable and storied franchises in its portfolio is currently being developed. Suikoden VI is “about 10% done”, says Yoshitaka Murayama, newly reinstated as the overall director, designer, and producer of the Suikoden franchise.

Murayama’s role in the announcement is itself a surprise. He was laid off by the gaming giant shortly before Suikoden III was released, and has not been heard from in the same breath as Konami since 2010, when rumors circulated about his return to the company following a blog post in which he referenced getting an offer from “a certain company” and “crossing the Rubicon”. In any case, fans of the series will be glad to have Murayama back onboard the franchise, and if the hints he dropped about the upcoming game are any indication, Suikoden VI is going to bring its A-game. Said Murayama:

“Well, we certainly do not want to retread old storylines, but we do plan to strike a balance between introducing new characters and reintroducing old ones. One way we are going to do that is to make sure that those characters we’ve mentioned in passing, or those who have only been in the background so far, get to take center stage now. For example, I can tell you now that the focus of Suikoden VI will be the conflict between the Circle Rune and the Rune of Change, so players are finally going to meet Hikusaak in person. The Sindarin leader will also be making an appearance, although I can’t disclose that person’s identity. I could say, however, that Jeane’s been around for a long time, hasn’t she?”

Jeane Suikoden V
Will we finally find out how this woman NEVER ages?


Murayama also intimated that the game will be released for both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, and, in a first for the franchise, will also be released for the PC. He also revealed that they are using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, which he described as a “boon, especially as we are finally going to be able to reveal the entire world of Suikoden, from Harmonia to Falena, and even, at last, the mysterious Western and Eastern Continents, in all of its many-splendored glory.” Finally, he said that the tentative release date for the game is the last quarter of 2016.

I don’t know about you good people, but I am going to go squee at absolutely everyone now.

Images c/o Konami

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10 thoughts on “Suikoden VI Announced For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

  • Boulder Bash

    is this for real? ( O,o)

  • Racbir Singh Bhurji

    my heart was pumping and then came down to a crunch.. as then i read it was all a joke. AAHHHhhhhaa! Suikoden where art thou )

  • Furydeath

    I didn’t need to see the date the fact it said xbox and PC gave it away

  • Solemn Wolf

    Pesmerga and Vicky’s story!! Cameo of Riou and Tyr please. XD

  • Suikoversum

    Could you please add a big fat “APRIL FOOL’S JOKE!” in the beginning of the article or the headline? We get lots of comments because of this article at the Suikoden Revival Movement. Not everyone is familiar with that custom or looks at the date. Pleae, you would do us a huge favor.

  • Dissapointed

    I didn’t see the date, then I read the comments and realised it was simply a sadist torturing us by making us believe that it would become a reality at last…. As mentioned please add that it’s a April’s fool joke in the beginning with big letters… :‘-(

  • toothsweet

    wow really suikoden for PC that’s a good news. I want the 3,4,5,6 to came out to pc especially the 3 even if its old. Good old RPG deserve to be revive again

    • Godsbane777

      I only enjoyed 1-3 thoroughly. IV and V really didn’t do it for me. Would pay good money for good PC ports on the first three though. To be fair, however, I never really played all the way through IV or V. So I could have just missed the better parts by ducking out early.

  • Godsbane777

    Would love to replay 1-3 on PC.

  • Doug Keyes Jr.

    I love the suikoden series I only got a PS3 please tell me it is gonna get ported over I don’t care how many disks it could be I just wanna play it on my PS3


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