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REV Major: a Post-Mortem

There are many things I can say about this past weekend’s event. It was exciting, spectacular, eventful, hype (my favorite one). But most of all, this past weekend’s REV Major was probably the most fun I’ve had just attending a tournament.

Viva La FGC!

REV Major was the biggest local tournament (so far) in many ways. It had the most attendants, the biggest prize-pool, the biggest names, the biggest hype. Most importantly, It was (by far) the most organized tournament I’ve had the pleasure of attending.








I mean, I’ve covered/attended tournaments in the past and REV Major tops any tournament I’ve covered. This mostly comes down to one factor: the event location. Being held in a convention hall… or what seems to be like one (I’m not sure what Power Mac Center Spotlight exactly is) really helps in making an event both comfortable and “legitimate”. Seeing as how there were at least 300 people signed up to compete (rough estimate considering there were 370 participants for all 7 games, and taking to account people signing up for multiple games) and who knows how many spectators, the hall (while packed) was still pretty comfortable. Moreover, despite the amount of bodies in the room, the ventilation was good enough to keep the entire place chilly.


Now you could be asking, why are you writing about the location? Why not about the hype matches that occurred this weekend? Well I could talk about that. I could talk about how Tanukana was sent to losers by UFTC.Gogoy (in a mirror match, no less). Then being subsequently eliminated by Legion.Noelittle. Or how Knee put on a showcase of his skills by playing (if I recall correctly) 3 different characters during the course of the tournament, and his hype-ass matches with JDCR during winner’s finals and grandfinals. Or how our 3 local players, PBE’s Doujin and Maru, and Legion.Prime made an EXCELLENT showing making it to top 16. Followed by Doujin’s heartbreaking loss just BARELY losing to Dimeback and falling just short of top 8.




What’s Most Important.

But no, that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about and what I think is the biggest take-away from REV Major, is that what it showed to the local “market”/”investors” and to the world. That being, how big and viable the Philippine Fighting Game community is. Because of REV Major’s success, maybe we can get more frequent events of this size. Maybe we’ll get more sponsors willing to support local fighting game players. Maybe next year, we’ll occupy SMX convention center instead of Power Mac Center Spotlight.








Point, is this past weekend’s event put a spotlight on the Phillipine FGC. REV Major probably opened a lot of eyes to the local FGC. Hell, Manila Cup 2017 is happening in the same place, here’s hoping that’s as successful!  Thank you Playbook for allowing us to be a part of REV Major! Here’s hoping to the continued growth of the Philippine FGC!

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