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[Rumor] ‘Final Fantasy XII’ Remaster on the Way

In a Distant Worlds (an orchestral rendition of Final Fantasy music tracks) concert yesterday, composer Arnie Roth casually mentioned that a Final Fantasy XII remake is in the works; much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Oh, and FFXII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto also happened to be in attendance so, there just might be some credence to Roth’s statements.

This news comes as a pleasant surprised because (despite series producer Yoshinori Kitase’s desire to do a Final Fantasy XII HD) when Square Enix was last asked about an HD version of Final Fantasy XII fellow series producer Shinji Hashimoto stated:

At this moment, we do not have any plans [to release a HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII]. But as Kitase-san has mentioned, if there are a lot of requests from the fans for a HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII, we might consider it.

 Honestly speaking, Final Fantasy XII is not my favorite game in the series. The story is, quite literally, Star Wars with Final Fantasy twist to it and, the player character (Vaan) is practically a mere spectator to the unfolding story. However with that being said, the world of Ivalice is by far my favorite setting in the Final Fantasy series and it is only in this game that the world of Ivalice is fully explorable. Furthermore, I never got to play the “International version” of  Final Fantasy XII which adds a ton of content not available in the vanilla game. Given the precedent with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, it is quite likely that it is the “International version” that will be getting the remake treatment.

That’s all we have so far on the story so far. When we get more information we’ll make an update to the story (hell, we don’t even know what platforms it’s gonna be on). But as it stands, it seems pretty likely that we’ll be seeing Final Fantasy XII HD on shelves soon.


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