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A Decade of League: Riot To Host Special Riot Pls Livestream

Believe it – League of Legends will turn 10 this October. Riot Games, creators of the historic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) have big plans for their title. And fans of the hit game can get a sneak peek of the devs’ plans in a special 10th Anniversary edition of Riot Pls.

Fans and League players will know Riot Pls as the community’s gateway to all things Riot Games. And to commemorate League‘s 10th Birthday, this edition of Riot Pls will be streamed live on their YouTube channel Tuesday next week!

If you’ve followed LoL throughout the last decade, you can join Riot Games and fellow fans in commemorating the journey that made League one of the top esports titles today. Did you know there’s approximately 8-million peak concurrent League players every day? It’s that huge.

And Justin Hulog, Riot Games Southeast Asia’s General Manager, wanted to put a spotlight on League’s community as a highlight of its decade.

“Building a passionate global community around League of Legends over the past decade is truly the accomplishment we are most proud of,” he said. “This special edition of Riot Pls will showcase our appreciation and commitment to players. We hope each of them will join us to celebrate all of the victories and unforgettable moments that we’ve shared!”

League of Legends: New Decade, New Logo

To start this year’s festivities, Riot is also introducing League of Legends‘ new logo:

Compared to the old logo, the new League logo sports a more straightforward and minimal approach. It’s no longer a fantasy-focused logo that sported a badge motif. Rather, the new logo appears simple and straightforward enough to showcase the title’s versatility with its champions and mechanics.

The new logo opens a ton of room for flexibility. The more “modern” look allows League to play around with concepts, themes, and styles associated with it.

The older, fantasy-leaning logo might have fans expect more swords, magic, and fantastical creatures. This is something modern League has expanded into its own unique mythos. However, the new logo makes room for League’s more flexible line-up. Especially now that this includes champions with sci-fi leanings, as well as from other genres. 

Moreover, new logos might mean new features and exciting twists for players. What could these be? 

Riot Pls: Riot Games, League, and Beyond

Watch Riot Pls this Tuesday, October 16 9:00 AM Singapore Time, to celebrate the past and League in the present. Riot also gives us a glimpse into the future, including a first look at this year’s preseason changes and Teamfight Tactics’ next big content update.

We can expect more from League not just from Riot Games, but in other features and events as well. This year’s ESGS (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit) will likely feature LoL tournaments, and League will be a medal sport in this year’s esports segment of the SEA Games.

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