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Top 10 Soulsborne Bosses

So, I was able to finish Dark Souls 3 a few weeks back. In fact, I was able to finish Dark Souls 3 several times. However, I didn’t have the time to write a proper review for the game. Instead, Let’s have a look back at the entire series and list off my favorite boss fights from Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls 3. 

DISCLAIMER: Some bosses from Dark Souls 3 are included in the list, so if you’re still not done with the game, and are trying to avoid spoilers, you might want to finish the game first before reading on. Also, NONE of the bosses from Dark Souls 2 will be making an appearance on this list. I just didn’t find any THAT memorable, and I haven’t played the DLC. With that out of the way, let’s begin with #10!

10. Old Hero 

Old Hero
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First on the list is a boss coming from Demon’s Souls. Appropriate, considering it’s the first in the series. The Old Hero makes the list because of its very interesting mechanic. The boss is a very standard “big guy vs. you” type fight at first blush, however, on closer inspection, it turns out that the boss is blind. He’ll swing wildly trying to find the player. However, once the player attacks the boss, he’ll get a bead on the player’s location and direct his attacks to where the player attacked him. It becomes a game of hide and seek, or appropriately: hide and stab. It’s not a very hard fight, but this gimmick makes it quite unique. That and the Old Hero is one of the coolest looking bosses in Demon’s Souls, and his arena is dope and alludes to the lore of the Old Hero.

9. Yhorm, the Giant 

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Here’s the second gimmick boss on the list, this time hailing from Dark Souls 3. It’s actually SORT OF a rehash of another Demon’s Souls boss, The Storm King. The boss’s gimmick is as follows: if the player tries to fight him normally, their attacks would do 1/100th of the boss’s hitpoints AT BEST. The trick is, the player has to find and equip a special weapon found in the boss arena: The Storm Ruler. The player must use the Storm Ruler’s weapon art to do damage to the boss. The weapon art itself is a giant wave of energy that takes approximately 5 seconds to charge and fire, and it does around 20% of the boss’s HP per swing. This is actually the exact same gimmick to the Storm King. What makes this encounter one-up the Storm King is that, if you complete a certain NPC’s quest, he’ll join you in the fight and both of you will be wielding two Storm Rulers against Yhorm. It makes for a extremely badass encounter.

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