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Get Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions For FREE On Nintendo Switch!

Those who feel that the Nintendo Switch badly needs a TCG can now download Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions for FREE. This allows vets and newcomers to both TCGs and Warhammer Age of Sigmar to try perhaps the first game of its kind on the Switch. That’s right – Age of Sigmar: Champions serves as the Warhammer Fantasy line’s first foray into TCG territory. And Switch fans craving for a TCG can check just how Age of Sigmar: Champions tries to change the scene.

Players of Age of Sigmar: Champions will encounter a new and modern take on collectible card games. The title boasts a cross-play feature for both its physical and digital versions. Players can scan physical cards into their collection to claim and take them onto the battlefield.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Lets You Battle Across Multiple Platforms

As mentioned, Age of Sigmar: Champions plays both as a digital and a physical card game. This means players inclined to collect actual cards can opt for the trading card game. Meanwhile, players who want a digital experience can opt for the digital card game.

However, cross-play doesn’t end there. Players can access the game through a Steam version, and mobile versions for the iOS and Android. The Switch version can tap into all of these platforms, allowing for an immense and diversified playing experience.

You can also add the diverse features of the Switch for a more comfortable experience. You can dock the Switch and play Age of Sigmar: Champions on a huge screen. Likewise, you can take the game on the go with the console’s joy-con and touch screen support. There’s a ton of ways to play, and a ton of ways to dominate your opponents.

Realm Trials, Arena of Echoes Add Single-Player Thrills

When you get Age of Sigmar: Champions for the Switch for free, you don’t just get the game though. The Nintendo Switch version of the title comes with new game modes as well.

  • Realm Trials offer a huge and brand-new single-player experience for players. This gives them hours’ worth of content, a lot of which involves fighting legendary battles to conquer the Mortal Realms.
  • Arena of Echoes also offers a new experience for players of the Switch version. Participants of the Arena will draft decks to fight with from two (2) Alliances. Thing is, players have a random selection of cards to draft a deck from. This adds an extra challenge to the fact that they need to use the same deck to fight a series of League rounds into a prize Gauntlet. If you lose a round, you drop through the ranks.

Realm Trials and Arena of Echoes join a robust series of narrative campaigns, multiple game modes including Ranked and Casual play, as well as seasonal leaderboards and challenges.

Command Your Champions In This Epic TCG

Age of Sigmar: Champions attempts to transform the TCG scene with its interesting mechanics. Whereas other TCGs rely on monster collection and card effects to win battles, the Warhammer Age of Sigmar title goes back to its wargaming roots.

The Warhammer line of games captivated players with its wargaming mechanics. Original titles under the Warhammer franchise allow players to command troops in a gridless map. Aside from customizable soldiers and monsters, players can command hero units with powerful abilities as well.

Age of Sigmar: Champions takes a similar approach in their TCG. This Warhammer title places a heavy focus on equipping your champions with the best equipment and the best spells to win matches.

Factions Add A Much-Needed Variety For TCGs

The Warhammer TCG also adds another twist in TCGs with its faction-based system. Faithful to its source, Age of Sigmar: Champions provides four factions for players to choose from. Each faction offers a unique playstyle, and unique champions that can be used to change the tide of battle.

In Warhammer lore, these factions are called Grand Alliance. Each of these Alliances cover an “aspect” of reality. And races under these Alliances follow the principles of their governing Alliance. This adds to an already-interesting dynamic. After all, races in Warhammer don’t exactly get along with one another. And all Grand Alliances have some form of both a perk and a caveat to its members. The four Grand Alliances are as follows:

  • The Grand Alliance of Order wants to maintain civilization, art, and learning. As the opposite of Chaos, they all want to preserve divine and natural holdings. While they have the same “goal,” a lot of the races here have their own agendas as well.
  • The Grand Alliance of Chaos devotes itself to dominate the Mortal Realms. Its member races include the Everchosen, the Blades of Khorne, the Disciples of Tzeentch, and the Maggotkin of Nurgle, among others. All of them will most likely serve one of the four Gods of Chaos.
  • The Grand Alliance of Death seeks to rule all the Mortal Realms for itself. It’s ruled by Nagash, the self-proclaimed God of Death in the Warhammer mythos. As you might guess, the faction primarily revolves around races that are either zombies, vampires, or ghosts.
  • The Grand Alliance of Destruction fight for their own self-interest, their survival, or for the sake of fighting.

Get This Unique TCG Experience For Free

With all of these in mind, you might want to give Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions a shot. This unique TCG experience might be just the kind of spin you need to spice up your Switch experience. You can even play with your friends, especially if they have Steam accounts, or mobile devices. Thanks to the cross-play feature of the game, you can battle with and against your friends anytime, anywhere.

Overall, the title offers quite a lot of features for such a bargain (it’s free). And its mechanics does add quite a bit of tension to players who’ve gotten used to traditional TCGs. Regardless if you’re a fan of TCGs or not, this game seems to be ought a playthrough.

You can get Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions on the Nintendo eShop, for free, starting today.

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