No One Acts Like Gaston Better than the Disney World Gaston

You know the classic song from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, “No one hits like Gaston/ Matches wits like Gaston” well, that’s not true. You see, the Disney World Gaston actors definitely beats Gaston.

gaston beauty and the beast (1)


There are currently several videos on Youtube showing just how awesome Gaston is further cementing the Disney villain’s significance for this author.

So let’s see,

no one does push ups better than Disney World Gaston

impeccable delivery of the line “she can’t cook and clean” too.

He was also seen matching wits with a little girl…

He hits on park visitors dressed as Belle, even proposing to her…

Even if they’re not Belle, he spot-on hits on them with comedic effect.

the words you are looking for are “wow” followed by “thank you”.

Man, I’d forego hiring Disney princess if my future daughter had a party and flat out hire the Gastons. To close this off, a tribute to Gaston.


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