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Takeshi’s Castle Returns With Modern Take On Mayhem

Takeshi and the gang are back in action with Prime Video’s Takeshi’s Castle reboot, with palace hijinks commentated by hosts Smokey Manaloto, Eugene Domingo, and Sassa Gurl.  The Prime Video show, set to premiere on November 16, provides a Filipino twist courtesy of old and new faces that hope to bridge nostalgia and the next…

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Ten Little Mistresses: Kalog & Kabog Meet Thriller In Kabit Film Subversion

One glance at the trailer of Ten Little Mistresses and certain things become apparent: sosyal are these keridas, costumes are kabog, dialogue is kalog, and somehow their beloved drops dead during his own birthday party. Direk Jun Lana takes murder mystery out for a nakakalokang ride with Ten Little Mistresses after touchingly-funny flicks such as…

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