2019 BatCon & SuperManila, Riot Pls, And This Week’s #WAGNewsbytes

We have a ton of happenings geek spheres this week in October, ranging from BatCon and SuperManila, album releases, new Pokemon characters, and awesome local events.

In this week’s #WAGNewsbytes, we’re going to talk about local game composer Ryan Camus and his first album release, as well as the new Pokemon professor. We’ll take a look at the Arrowverse Crisis of Infinite Earths characters, as well as Riot’s new surprises for fans in League’s 10th year anniversary.

Editor’s Note: This #WAGNewsbytes covers news from Oct. 13 to Oct. 20, 2019.

BatCon, SuperManila celebrates Batman, love for geekdom

We have double events this weekend (Oct. 19 to 20), all about comics and geekdom! We have BatCon and SuperManila! For a quick gist, BatCon gathers a ton of Batman fans. Meanwhile, SuperManila caters to a ton of superhero aficionados. 

BatCon gathers Batman fans and aficionados from all over the country. In this event, we celebrate our love for the Dark Knight and his stories. You catch BatCon – and get exclusive merch, meet new fans, and even creators – at Movie Stars Cafe.

Meanwhile, Filbar’s and Comic Odyssey team up for SuperManila. This event celebrates not just our love for comics, but geekdom in the Philippines in general.

We’ve seen a ton of merch there, and a ton of special guests. We saw previews of Rob Cham’s Light/Lost, and the new Zsa Zsa Zaturnah. Panelists on the event include Whilce Portacio, Leinil Yu, Jay Anacleto, Gerry Alanguilan, Ed Tadeo, and Gilbert Monsanto.

You can catch SuperManila at The Podium.

Riot teases League Mobile, new games, offerings in LoL 10th Anniversary livestream

Riot fans rejoiced after announcements in the recent Riot Pls livestream. The stream, which in a way officially opened the 10th Anniversary celebration of League of Legends, finishes with a ton of surprises for fans.

We’ve only been made aware of a new League logo. We, too, have been surprised by some new games, and a documentary as well.

New games under Riot’s belt include mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift, card game Legends of Runeterra, character-based shooter Project A, League-based fighting game Project L, and cooperative game Project F.

There’s also League of Legends: Origins, a documentary about Riot’s prized game. There’s going to be LoL eSports Manager as well.

Riot also has offerings across its games, including League, and Teamfight Tactics!

Local Game Musician Ryan Camus releases his debut album

It’s amazing when an artist we like releases a new album, but it’s a different high altogether when a local game musician – like our own Ryan Camus – actually releases a debut album. Local game musician Ryan Camus releases his first official album, containing pieces focused majorly on nostalgia and focusing on the present.

Titled Mono no Aware, the debut album features 17 tracks aptly named One to Seventeen. For music enthusiasts, seeing someone like Ryan Camus release an album can be a fresh sight. After all, it’s not all the time a game musician and composer actually releases an album. Fans of Camus work will recognize his signature flair and unique take on works across multiple genres. As per, the album releases this year.

New Pokemon Anime debuts a New Professor and a potential Heroine

What’s a new Pokemon Anime set in all regions without a unique professor? Teasers and concept art for the new Pokemon Anime answer this question. Apparently, we’re going to see not just a potential Heroine, but a new Professor as well. Not only that, they’re a Father-Daughter duo. Do we see a Shu and Nina Tucker meme there? We do.

That aside, Ash’s historic win in the Alolan Pokemon League marked his first ever Championship Title across 15 years’ worth of episode. And while we have no idea what form of necromancy Ash uses to maintain his youth, we do wonder what the new anime has to offer.

The new professor is Professor Sakuragi, which is a new professor from Galar’s own Professor Magnolia. Sakuragi’s daughter, Koharu, has also been introduced.

As per sources so far, the new Pokemon Anime finds itself set in an adventure across all regions in the franchise Ash finds himself a new partner and/or Rival in the form of Go, who has a Scorbunny. The new anime also features the Galar region in titles Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Abominable – the new DreamWorks and Pearl Studio film – has a map of China with the West PH Sea. Yikes.

DreamWorks rarely loses an audience when it comes to its hit animated features – and such remains the goal with Abominable. Films like Shrek prove animated films can still dominate cinemas. And well-crafted animated films can reach the hearts of both young and old audiences. However, the DreamWorks-Pearl Studio film Abominable finds itself in murky waters because of an artistic choice.

Abominable tells the tale of a yeti and his adventures with Yi in China. Based on the premise, the film itself tells a tale of friendship that transcends mythology and culture. Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Malaysians (among others) are at odds with the film, though, because a shot in the film had main character Yi’s room with a map of China… that has the nine-dash line, or China’s supposed “territories” in the West PH Sea. Yikes.

We all know the ongoing international conflict surrounding the West PH Sea. And day-by-day the issue grows murkier not just because of the messy state of politics today, but because of the involvement of other countries with claims in the area as well. Malaysia ordered the scene with this already cut, and Vietnam pulled the movie out. Politicians here are looking at a boycott as well.

Blizzard cancels Overwatch show in Nintendo Event

We have a bit of an update on the Blizzard fiasco, this time involving Nintendo. So we might all be well aware that Blizzard plans on releasing Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch. For OW fans, this is cool because it’s about time we had another shooting game in the Switch. The Switch port of OW looks promising as well. Things would’ve gone as planned… had Blizzard not screwed up.

Fans aware of the impending Overwatch release on the Switch have begun cancelling their preorders. Players can do this courtesy of a quick guide posted by another player who’s just gone through the process.

One thing led to another, and here we are: Blizzard cancelling their Overwatch show in Nintendo’s NY Overwatch release.

My Hero Academia Season 4 premieres with a good recap, a tease for things to come

Fans of My Hero Academia will likely have seen the Season 4 premiere. And like them, we’ve been nothing but excited to see what happens next in this continuation of Deku’s adventures.

The Season 4 premiere in itself seems interesting. We see All Might announcing his retirement to superhero-dome. So Taneo Tokuda, a freelance reporter, investigates the dorms of U.A. Class 1-A. We don’t know much about what this season offers, especially since it may or may not take a lot of elements in the manga.

What else does this season have to offer? As we’ve mentioned before, we’re hoping to see a lot more growth not just on the characters’ ends, but on the meta as well. We’ve seen a ton of potential with regards to using Quirks as powers. And we feel this hasn’t been maximixed in Season 3. Hopefully this time we get to pull it off.

CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths features much-missed characters

We remain nothing but excited on the upcoming Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover of the Arrowverse in the CW. And while we have no direct details on the plot, we do have our first looks on some of the heroes. This, to be honest, is dope. And CW got a lot of their costumes on-point.

In the comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths is a multiversal conflict that affected the entire DC landscape. Publication-wise, this served as DC’s fix to the scrambled timelines and different iterations of the same heroes across its current comics slate. Universe-wise, this tells the tale of how our DC heroes stopped the Anti-Monitor from destroying the known multiverse.

Sadly, this happens with its own set of consequences. And DC will be discovering the reset button (ahem, time travel) to solve its future problems with this story.

Yes, this is where we got Infinite Crisis, Zero Hour, Flashpoint (goddamnit, Barry), and Rebirth.

Of course, we can’t assume the Arrowverse take on this historic comics event will be to the letter. CW has proved it can take comic book events to new heights, and its wide Arrowverse cast can make these stories possible.

Regardless of the Arrowverse or CW-verse version of the story, the cast itself seems dope. We not only have Arrowverse staples in this multi-show event, we have previous DC stars reappearing as well. We’ve managed to spot folks such as LaMonica Garrett (Monitor, Anti-Monitor), Audrey Anderson (Harbinger, Lyla Michaels), Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne), Burt Ward (?), Brandon Routh (Kingdom Come Superman), Tom Welling (Smallville’s Clark Kent), Erica Durance (Smallville’s Lois Lane), Stephen Lobo (The Spectre), and probably Tom Ellis (Lucifer).

Internet Archive releases MASSIVE 2,500 MS DOS Games for free.

Hey, so Internet Archive just released a way to let us time travel to the 90s. At least, with our computers. The popular archival website just released an entire library of 2,500 games for its players. All of these games can be played with MS DOS.

These include classic games such as Alien Rampage, Alone In The Dark, and Mr. Blobby.

If you plan on playing any of these, tell us your comments about these games!

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