ESGS 2019: Astra, More Festivities To Come This Year

Folks from Gariath Concepts will be back for Esports And Gaming Summit 2019 (ESGS 2019), serving as this year’s installment of their hype gaming event. ESGS 2019, considered perhaps the biggest gaming convention of the year in the Philippines, will open its gates to fans this Oct. 25 to 27, 2019, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Our friends from ESGS 2019 were kind enough to invite What’s A Geek! as a media partner for this year’s festivities, and we’re more than excited to gear up and join the fun. What’s in it for this year, though? Well, ESGS 2019 presents some ESGS staples and some things to look forward to.

ESGS 2019: The Hype Is Back, Bigger, and Better

So what exactly will you find in this year’s ESGS? Here are some of the things you should watch out for: 

Astra slashes her way into ESGS 2019

ESGS will surprise gaming fans and enthusiasts with a new reveal: each iteration of ESGS moving forward will now have yearly themes. As per Gariath Concepts, this helps provide fans with a refreshing visual experience. And we couldn’t agree more – themes get fun, and eventgoers will be on their toes (especially if they want cosplays to be on point).

With this in mind, ESGS 2019 goes for two (2) surprises this year. The first will be a cyberpunk theme, where attendees can find themselves in a futuristic adventure. There’s going to be hologram effects, too! And secondly is Astra – the official event persona of ESGS. 

ESGS’s Astra has pink hair and purple clothes with a prominent bakunawa pattern on the back. She has a green bionic arm, and brandishes a broadsword. Overall? Awesome.

As per her official profile analysis, Astra can travel between universes and absorb energy through her bionic arm. She’s eager for adventure, which probably explains why she loves travelling across worlds and meeting people. 

Cosplayer Awie De Guzman will be portraying Astra this year. Gariath Concepts said Astra will now be an integral part of all ESGS events, as she’ll be “taking eventgoers on a journey that changes from theme to theme, year to year.”

Game Showcases to Amaze, Exhibitors To Wow

Are you looking into playing some of the hottest upcoming games of the year? ESGS has got you covered. Game publishers won’t be left behind this year, as attendees can enjoy some of the hottest titles from folks such as Ranida Games, Boomzap, Gumi, GameNow, Capcom, and Kojima Productions!

It helps to take note as early as now that ESGS will be the first time that Nintendo will join a gaming convention in Southeast Asia. 

ESGS 2019 will also feature some long-time exhibitors and brand partners that will surely wow attendees with their many offerings. Some brands will be making their ESGS debut this year as well. 

These include Asus Republic of Gamers, MSI, Predator, Legion by Lenovo, HyperX, Corsair, ViewSonic, among others. Go to their booths to see their latest line of products for gamers, and maybe win awesome prizes as well!

Indie Fiesta is back!

Folks from the International Game Developers Association – Manila (IGDA – Manila) will be back this ESGS to bring the love for indie games. Indie Fiesta will be an entire spot dedicated to try out new games and offerings from people in the independent scene. Not only will you get to meet some of the devs there, but you’ll likely be inspired in their journey in gaming as well.

Looking for eSports action? We got you covered!

Playbook will be hosting this year’s Mountain Dew Fighting Game Arena for folks interested in some fighting game action. You’ll see SIBOL Philippines in action as they will have a series of exhibition matches on the main stage for everyone’s enjoyment.

Mobile gamers can have fun in the Mobile Esports Arena, as they’ll have their own tournaments and activities as well. Some of the teams from The Nationals will be making appearances as well, and participate in special events throughout the weekend! 

There’s going to be cosplay!

Are you a cosplayer at heart? Did you know you can pull off your favorite cosplay at ESGS 2019 and maybe win prizes? That’s right, this year’s Cosplay Competition will allow you to pull off your best gaming character cosplay and win a lot of prizes. Folks from Anime Alliance organized this event, and you can register here.

As a bonus, anyone who dons their best costume in the event can win awesome prizes! You don’t necessarily have to even join the competition to win special prizes!

Hey, so are you a PLDT Home Fibr or Smart subscriber?

ESGS co-presenters PLDT Home Fibr and Smart have a treat for subscribers! You can score free ESGS passes, exciting prizes, and gaming skins if you follow Smart and PLDT Home Fibr on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to join the fun!

In the actual event, PLDT Home FIbr and Smart will have a huge PLDT – Smart Cyber City, a gaming zone with a ton of available experiences for fans and eventgoers. Participants can play Beat Saber and Sniper Elite to win amazing prizes! Not only that, but the Smart Cyber City can be a place to hang out, print photo souvenirs, recharge devices, and even potentially meet some of their favorite esports athletes and cosplayers.

You might even get to meet the PLDT-Smart Omega Team and SIBOL, the latter of which serves as the official eSports team of the country!

ESGS 2019 Day 0: Business Day

While you should be busy keeping an eye on SMX gates on Oct. 25, our media team will watch your six this Oct. 24. In ESGS tradition, partners, guests, and exhibitors will be present in Oct. 24 as part of ESGS 2019 Business Day. This helps members of the media, alongside other folks in ESGS 2019, get a better grasp of the festivities to happen in the next few days.

True enough, not all Business Days come with radical changes to actual events that come before them. However, if interesting announcements come up, we’ll get back to you soonest.

ESGS 2019: Are You Ready for The Next Battle?

It’s just a few weeks before ESGS 2019, and we’re more than excited to go to SMX to join the festivities. How’s your previous ESGS experience? What other things do you want to happen in this year’s ESGS? Let us know in the comments! 


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