Dynamite Entertainment reveal team for Grumpy Cat #1

The Grumpy Cat limited series will show us the point of view of the famous internet sensation and her annoyingly cute brother Pokey. Grumpy Cat’s creative team will be composed of writers Ben Fisher, Ben McCool, Royal McGraw and Elliott R. Serrano; interior artists Ken Haeser and Steve Uy; and cover artists Haeser, Uy, Rebekie Bennington, Agnes Garbowska and Tavis Maiden.

The creative team has expressed some of their thoughts about the limited series:

Ben Fisher: “Grumpy Cat has managed to transcend from meme to globally recognized personality with astonishing speed. Nearly anyone with Internet access knows that face, across all ages and nationalities. It’s a huge honor to be given the opportunity to participate in her entrance into a new medium. Comic books are a natural fit for Grumpy Cat, along with her supporting cast of friends and family. I’m having a blast writing these great characters and developing their world. Also, Dynamite promised that if the books do well, they’ll let me pitch the Chocolate Rain graphic novel.”

Tavis Maiden: “This is literally the first thing I’ve worked on that my kids think is cool. When I was tasked with capturing Grumpy Cat’s likeness and personality for the covers, I was met with grueling deadlines, harsh criticism and sweeping revisions… er, I mean, praise be to our Fluffy Overlord, may we never be good enough for her.”

Steve Uy: “Cat memes have become a part of American culture, and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping it. One day, when it overcomes hot dogs and baseball, I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren that I was a part of the very first cat meme book with ‘Grumpy Cat,’ and they will look upon me with awe and respect, and shower me with more love than I need. That is why I’m a part of this book.”

GrumpyCat01-Cov-B-Haeser-c9b10Along with the regular cover, Grumpy Cat #1 will be receiving six other variants including a Create-Your-Own meme cover. Check them out below!



GrumpyCat01-Cov-D-Garbowskatif-77f6a GrumpyCat01-Cov-C-Maiden-e926e

Grumpy Cat #1 is in stores this October


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