Joe Madureira Bringing Battle Chasers Back in Video Game and Comic Book Format

It’s been 14 years since we last saw anything with regards to Joe Madureira’s Battle Chasers and it looks like he’s finally gotten his inspiration back as he announced recently that he’ll be working on BC again.


The interesting bit here is that one of the partial reasons why Battle Chasers went on “semi retirement” was due to Madureira’s busy schedule at the time, as he had been working on several video game projects. This time though, its beast mode for Joe Mad as he’ll be working closely with his Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli to put out both a comic book continuing the story and a brand new game.

Polygon has the dirty details but in a nutshell the new BC game is poised to be an RPG and features the original set of heroes ranging from Gully to Garrison to Red Monika.



Airship Syndicate (Mads and Stefanelli’s new studio) has confirmed that they will be releasing the new game on PC and Consoles while mulling over release for tablets.

“Even though the game mechanically is going to be very different from Darksiders, I think we’re still really going to be doing everything we can to make sure that the dungeon exploration side of the game is soaked with lots of fun adventurous elements,” says Stefanelli.

For comic book fans we just have to wait a little bit more as Madureira is starting from scratch so to speak with the return of the book. He doesn’t have a publisher nor a target release date. Oh and we should expect a bit of revamped Battle Chasers as the fourteen years definitely made some changes to the Mad One’s art style and taste. “I partially just want to update it,” he says. “I think it’s going to get a visual overhaul too. My art style and storytelling style, everything’s sort of changed and evolved over the years.”

The comics could either be done by a Kickstarter fund or by private backers or heck even one of the Big Two; which could also mean Marvel since they’ve been working with Madureira for the past few years now.

Check out the other new Battle Chasers images below:








Credits: Polygon

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