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Since Summer Komikon is around the corner, I thought I’d better sit down and write something. Say, this long delayed article on what Visprint is going to release on 2016!

I apologize to my editors, they know I’m not a regular but this is pretty late. But hey, when we’ve been waiting for Carlo Vergara’s Zsazsa Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila Part 2 for Lord knows how long at least it’s good to know we’re getting something in 2016 that’s been long awaited! Unlike, you know, Winds of Winter. (I am an impatient rage bunny, to say the least.) Part 3 also gets to see the light of day this year, according to Visprint’s FB page.


My personal favourite author, Eliza Victoria, is also getting another release this year in addition Wounded Little Gods. This time it is a comic collaboration between her and Mervin Malonzo of Tabi Po fame called After Lambana.

Next up is Manix Abrera, who without fail has brought me to fits of giggles with every volume of Kikomachine he publishes. This year, we’re at Kikomachinekomix Blg. 12: Mandirigma ng Tadhana. It’s something I’ve looked forward to after buying the first 2 volumes in one go way back, and I’m pretty sure this won’t disappoint either.

Fans of Trese will be delighted to know Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo will also have Trese Vol. 7 out on this year. I’m really excited for this one in particular. We’ve seen some of Alex’s brothers, but the other hints about her other family members have got me intrigued. Plus that tikbalang with a crush on her has this shipper at heart absolutely giddy.

In addition to this, Mr. Tan also has Demon Dungeon 2 promised. Meanwhile, to tide us over, the authors have stated they are going to post up some previews from this volume.

To those not in the know, Summer Komikon 2016 is just around the corner for April 16, 2016. While Visprint hasn’t come up with dates for these releases, there’s a fair chance you can get at least one of these titles there. And if not, you can always buy their other magnificent titles if you have not yet! See you kiddies there!

 Image Credits: Visprint’s FB Page

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