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eSports 2019 SEA Games: Here’s What We Know So Far!

We’re very sure you’ve heard about the Philippines hosting next year’s SEA Games. And course, you’re very curious about what the country has in store for participants in the festivities. After all, teams will duke it out to find out who’s the best among the rest in sports in Southeast Asia. However, recent developments did make up for quite the surprising reveal. It’s not just the SEA Games next year. Folks have just introduced us to eSports 2019 SEA Games. This marks the first time in history that eSports will be recognized as a medal sport.

Razer brought this news in a recent press conference, with the announcement that it will be the official eSports partner of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. Sports fans will recognize the 11-country international sporting event. However, this time gamers can take the spotlight. Gamers can compete in the 2019 SEA Games, as eSports will finally be recognized as a medal sport for the first time in history.

ESports 2019 SEA Games: Gaming Made History

According to the press conference, the inclusion of eSports in the list of medal sports had been in discussion since the past year. This came courtesy of Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s CEO and co-founder. He apparently led a Razer delegation to meet with the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee (PhilSGOC). And given how Razer has been pushing to be the leading gaming lifestyle brand worldwide, the effort seems to have paid off.

The announcement marks the latest in Razer’s long-running commitment to put eSports on a more global spotlight. Exclusive gaming events and conventions exist, but not to the point of eSports finally getting into the sporting side of the spectrum. Hopefully, this helps gets more traction to the 2019 SEA Games as well, especially since eSports remains as one of the most popular choices of entertainment among people in today’s generation.

According to Razer, the global eSports audience may grow to as much as 276-million by 2022. Their projections also state eSports might be a billion-dollar industry as early as 2019. And this historic step for eSports 2019 SEA Games might just be part of the push needed to make this a reality.

“The Philippines is the first host country to stage an esports tournament as a medal event. This lends credence to professional gaming as a true world-class sporting contest, as it engages a new generation of gaming fans,” said Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, PhilSGOC Chairman. “Razer is a pioneer and a prime mover in esports, and we cannot ask for a better partner in this historic journey,” Cayetano added.

ESports As A Medal Sport: What Should We Expect?

Razer as the official eSports partner of SEA Games 2019 means having to follow through, though. If eSports will be a medal sport… what exactly should gamers be competing for, and by what standards? Razer, PhilSGOC, POC, and publishers appear to be in talks about the lineup. Hopefully, they bring the full slate of eSports 2019 SEA Games within the next few months.

Gamers can compete for six (6) gold medals in eSports 2019 SEA Games. Teams will be competing for two (2) medals for PC Games, two (2) medals for console games, and two (2) medals for mobile titles.

For those interested, it appears Mobile Legends: Bang Bang might be part of the mobile gaming slate. Moonton, the folks behind Mobile Legends, will be one of 2019 SEA Games’ publishing partners.

Justin Yuan, CEO, and co-founder of Moonton Games said, “SEA Games 2019 is the perfect platform to propel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang into the big leagues, given our strong user base here as well as the region’s fast-growing youth and millennial population.”

Fighting For Gold: What Are The Other Titles?

Razer and its partners will be announcing other participating titles soon. Now, gamers will likely be curious as to what these titles hold. Especially given one of the Olympic Committee’s thrust apparently involves not “promoting a culture of violence.” Of course, there’s a lot to unpack with this. Not only that, parties involved haven’t announced how this will affect the slate of games in the 2019 SEA Games.

A lot of gamers will argue that much of competitive eSports involves “violence” in some form of fashion. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will have players take part in virtual firefights with renditions of weapons from real life. Overwatch, albeit fantastical and sci-fi in nature, also involve having to eliminate opponents. Multiplayer online battle arenas also operate within the same spectrum. Whether this “mantra” will really affect the slate of games has yet to be determined. Hopefully, Razer’s handling on the eSports side of SEA Games won’t cause troubles.

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