What To Get at Komikon 2016!

Komikon is coming back again this weekend! This year’s two-day event will be held in Bayanihan Center and will have droves of artists and geeks enjoying Filipino Komiks. Anyone who has attended a convention knows that tons of artists will be releasing new stuff, so we’ve compiled a list! Check out some of the things you can get at Komikon 2016 here!


The team behind one of the favorite horror/crime/mythological books Budjette and Kajo are releasing a new Trese case that *might* be featured in The Diabolical 2, maybe, hopefully. They’re also releasing the translated version of the second Trese bookMga Tuntunin ng Karera. Pretty excited to get these two books along with everything else from Visprint!



Kubori Kikiam

After a long while, I finally get to get this second edition of Best Things in Life! Crazy fun to see the Dodon, Benjo, Manny and all the other guys do even dumber stuff. The cover is also, to borrow Michael David’s words, orgasmic! Personally, I would’ve preferred Fely, but that’s just me.



Lyndon Gregorio, the amazing Kreator of Komikon, is coming out with his new 15eerkada. Get it at his booth and give him unending thanks for giving us geeks a place to meet up and share komiks and also buy like a dozen pins from him, they’re cool.





Kahel by Arly Pescuela also known as MANKEEBOI is a story about Kahel, the guy. The story is set in modern day Philippines and features amazing art from Arly. Issue 1 was released last year. We can’t wait to get our hands on Issue 2!

Kahel 2 by Arly Pescuela



Dakila is about the adventures of Brandon Ramirez, an 18-year-old boy who was given powers to combat supernatural foes that threaten the city. Inspired by the superhero comics he reads, he juggles high school life and battling enchanted beings as the superhero Dakila. We’re excited about this one because the artist is our very own Patrick Flores. Make sure to buy 20 copies of it!




These are just a few of the works you should get at Komikon. What are you getting? Leave us a comment below or chat us up on Twitter!


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