Secret Wars # 2 REVIEW

What’s a Geek does a Secret Wars # 2 Review. Book is written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic.


While it’s clearly toned down in terms of death and destruction, Secret Wars # 2 is still on par with the first issue. Why you ask? Because its already the part of the story where they try to lay everything, map out everything and more importantly introduce us to the ‘new’ characters in this tale. In a nutshell, it’s a vital piece of the story and it’s exciting whereas it could have been boring.

First we have to give credit to Jonathan Hickman who did a mighty fine job of telling a complex story without making it feel complicated at all. I barely took the time to stop and retrace what had happened. More importantly it seems to me like he picked out his characters in a very smart manner. We’ve got the main players actually being most of the Future Foundation plus some key personnel like this army of Thors and even Sheriff Strange.

In my other site, I did state that this felt so much like a full season of Game of Thrones all crammed into this 50 page book. We have trial by combat, we have analogies to “The Wall” and “The Hand” and we even have this allusion to a secret sector of “Battleworld” which Doom needs to find.

Artwork from Ribic, never could be any better. Superb.

More importantly we also need to applaud the creative team for being able to add in the story of The Cabal who resurfaces in this issue and is poised to raise hell.

All in all, Secret Wars # 2 hasn’t dropped the ball and is rather building up for bigger things. Everything you read and see here? This is just the calm of the storm.

I cannot wait for issue # 3.


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