What’s a Geek According to Vampy Bit Me Plus 5 Random Things

We’re sure excited for this weekend’s Asia Pop Comic Con and just to hype things up a bit more we went to the APCC press conference to ask the ever-important question to the beautiful cosplayer Vampy Bit Me aka Linda Le.

What’s a Geek for Linda Le:

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We, as geek people, when we see something we jump for it. Geeks to me are those who geek out and can’t control it. We contemplate how to get those things. A geek is a person who is not afraid to show how crazy they are.

She was very candid and fun to talk and there was not a single air of conceit in her. She’s just as bubbly as she is a powerhouse in the international and US cosplay scene. During our short interview which was part of promoting and hyping up APCC, we did learn a thing or two about the gorgeous cosplayer and how ‘geek’ she really is.

  1. Her first cosplay was Morrigan from Darkstalkers and she was so unprepared

During the interview she was asked what her most memorable cosplay was and she had to revert to her very first one, which incidentally also made her a big name in the community.


2. she’s not afraid to try out ethnic dishes

Balut?! She’s tried that already. She fesses up to have tried the Filipino delicacy and not tell horror stories about the experience. Apparently she has tasted durian and had no qualms about it. What a trooper.

3. Vampy the Worker

This international cosplayer has managed to reach her goals as she’s also working for Bandai. Yes, THE Bandai. Although she’s not directly working with the Gundam brand she’s perfectly happy that she’s working for the same company that

4. Monster Hunting Vixen

During the interview we also found out that Vampy’s a big fan of the series Food Wars and she’s so logged in so much time playing Monster Hunter. Her goal? To collect all the in-game armors.

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5. Ick on Cute Cosplay

Vampy also reveals that she’s not a big fan of cute cosplays. She will do it from time to time but only as a way to step away from her comfort zone. So out with cutie poses and in one more serious, ass kicking ones.

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