APCC Manila 2018: Day 3, Climactic Ending, High Hopes

Geekdom remains strong during heavy rainfall as fans gather at the SMX Convention Center for the third and final day of this year’s AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018. Last day doesn’t mean lame day, though, as more festivities remain to excite attendees to close the fourth iteration of the hit convention.

Our crew here at What’s A Geek! celebrated with both fans and fellow bloggers as special guests, exhibitors, and creative icons share their love for their hobbies. Here’s a rundown of festivities for the last day of APCC Manila 2018.

APCC Manila 2018: The End Times Can Be Fun!

APCC Manila 2018 capped the way not a lot of conventions end their respective events. Not a single sign of dullness permeated anywhere in the convention halls – and in turn made for quite the exciting ending. Fans got themselves teasers and fun previews at the great Halls M and D (insert immature joke). Cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts gather to celebrate the love for the craft with CAGE. Not to mention, hobbyists, collectors, and geeks gather across all halls and areas to enjoy various offerings. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t feel as though momentum has stopped one bit.

Hall M, Hall D, More Surprises Incoming

Hall M admittedly transformed the days of Marvel fans from the Philippines. Staff prohibited us from telling anything about what’s happened during the halls, but Marvel appears to be excited to create an awesome 2018 for fans. Not to mention teasers for their most popular franchises do hint towards a more exciting 10 years ahead.

Fans aware of what’s happening “behind the scenes” may have already heard much of Hall M and D’s offerings. After all, Marvel does have a lot of endeavors in fields such as television, games, animation, and even the acclaimed films. However, to see a lot of these “hints” appear to be a reality do send chills down the spines of fans.

Tye Sheridan also had a panel on the main stage, offering fans a more personal look into his career. The X-Men and Ready Player One star introduced fans to his cheerful and welcoming personality. He said becoming Cyclops is a dream come true for him as an X-Fan. He also mentioned he had to make a balance between taking cues from James Marsden’s original Cyclops role and adding his own spin.

Yugana Senshi Uon, Artgerm, Alex Sinclair: Passion Fundamentals, Believing In Yourself

Meanwhile, fans of Yugana Sensi Uon, Alex Sinclair, and Artgerm (Stanley Lau) got themselves a treat as the idols themselves tour enthusiasts into their respective crafts. Yugana Senshi Uon gave fans fundamentals on cosplay makeup, which is essential for a lot of fans who want to get into serious cosplaying.

Alex Sinclair took fans on a more in-depth journey on coloring fundamentals. He taught con-goers and attendees of his workshop the basics of coloring, with principles he himself uses. This offered remarkable insight towards the realm of coloring, as some fans finally understood how Sinclair’s works flow well.

Stanley Lau, more popularly known as Artgerm, “infected” fans with his workshop as he talked about his style, his beginnings, and his advice for fellow enthusiasts. He stressed the importance of both neophytes and veterans in the field to expose themselves to other art styles for learning. Artgerm also advised artist fans to also spread their works so they get exposure. However, he warned against getting obsessed over getting likes from others.

“The first person who should like your art is yourself,” he stressed. “You should be proud of your work.”

CAGE: Touching Hearts With Cosplay

APCC 2018 capped its final day with the annual CAGE cosplay competition, which saw some of the best cosplayers in the country duke it out for the coveted championship. Prizes include a whopping USD 10,000 (this is legit) and special gifts from the event’s various sponsors.

Judges for the event included cosplay guests from all over the world. These include Yugana Senshi, Vera Chimera, and even Canvas Cosplay.

Jessy Salvador got the coveted championship as Kai of Kung Fu Panda 3. After him were Jersen Magallanes (Rank 9 Set) and Maria Paula Castro (Saber, Arthuria Pendragon, Fate/Stay Night) as first and second runners-up, respectively.

Conclusion: Capping AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 With A Bang!

It’s the last day of AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018, but it certainly just heralds the beginning of an exciting half year for the rest of 2018. Recent events in geekdom are nothing short of exciting for fans and enthusiasts alike. Exhibitors, creative icons, and guest stars alike teased quite a lot of thrilling developments in their respective fields.

Convention attendees now have more reasons to wait for amazing content courtesy of exhibitors and creative guests. This means more shows, movies, games, and other creative output in the works.

This year’s AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018 was held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. The convention lasted three (3) days, from July 27 to July 29.

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