Cubao Hex 2015: Halloween’s Geekiest Street Party at Cubao Expo

Whatta time to be alive!

Years ago , I’d have never thought that we would ever be able to get nerds and geeks like me out of the house for anything, much less a street party. Lo and behold, times have changed and Cubao Expo played host to its annual Halloween party, Cubao Hex 2015!




Halloween decorations lined the fronts of the traditionally hip and vintage stores of Cubao Expo. Trick or Treating for costumed party-goers was supposed to start at 7pm, but, alas, Filipino Time thwarted such plans. Instead of one large group, individuals or small groups did their own candy collecting on their own time, myself included.




While waiting for Cubao Hex’s musical gigs to start, I explored Cubao Expo’s grounds, a place I’ve only visited once or twice before. Others had the same idea and hung around the stores, waiting for the festivities to start. I found myself mingling with the proprietors and the the regulars of specialty stores like The Warrior Poet and The Rumpus Room. There was even an affordable photo booth, where friends can create their own wacky memories of the evening. Everyone was getting into the spirit of the season. The store owners of Good Smile Dental, The Four Strings, and more were all decked out in costume and even the waiters of Fred’s donned scary psycho masks.

Good Smile Dental owner and friends!
Questionable clergy over at Warrior Poet
Clockwork Orange at Four Strings

When the din of the crowd was drowned out by the reverberation of guitars, I knew that it was almost time to really party. The evening opened with rap stylings of a Shadow Moses, accompanied by the equally talented A Problem Like Maria. It warmed my cynical heart to hear legitimate nerdcore hiphop. Shadow Moses became the unexpected emcees for the event and introduced the next performers, professional head-bangers, Maia. As Maia was bringing down the house, I was able to share drinks with friends, old and new. The only bad thing about the event was that it had to be on a Thursday, forcing me to end my night early. I waited for Halik ni Gringo, dressed as various WWE wrestlers, to finish before I made my way home.

Lyrical Stylings of Shadow Moses



A Problem Like Maria!
A Problem Like Maria!
Headbangin' with Maia!
Headbangin’ with Maia!


Wrestling themed Halik ni Gringo
Wrestling themed Halik ni Gringo


Ya’ll should definitely join me for Cubao Hex 2016!


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