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ESGS 2019: Prepare For The Hype With These Tips!

So you’re going to this year’s ESports and Gaming Summit (ESGS 2019). Hooray! How exactly do you prepare for it, though?

Wait, I have to prepare for it?

Well, aside from the fact that it’s an event for gamers, the terms “esports” and “gaming” do hold a lot of implications for gamers and fans. Imagine, the recent press event did tease not just a new mascot, but a lot of exhibitors. These exhibitors mean new products, and new products might mean discounts, and new discounts might mean, well, no more wallets.

Guests like folks from Team SIBOL and The Nationals means there’s going to be a ton of exhibition matches. Plus, the fact that hit streamers like Mobile Legends’ Dogie and people from Tier One Entertainment means you might want to allocate time for your idols. What exactly should you do? Thankfully, this article will be for you. 

ESGS 2019: Some Handy Tips For You

Sure, you’ve seen the page and the posts. And you’ve probably got it set in your mind who you want to meet or where you want to go. However, ESGS might offer more things to surprise you. We at What’s A Geek! would like to suggest you keep in mind some of these tips as well: 

Knowledge is power, especially against traffic and time

  • Get to know your schedule and the event calendar. A lot of people regard ESGS as a “chill event.” This doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of festivities. Rather, #ESGS2019 doesn’t follow an extremely strict schedule unlike other events. Things happen concurrently, meaning you might be watching an exhibition match here while an exhibitor has things to show there. One handy tip we can give is you should probably get to know your schedule, and the event calendar.
    • It helps to maximize your time by going in early. This might mean having to wake up early, but you’ll get to ESGS as soon as opening hour – or around 9AM to 10AM. This gives you a lot of hours to explore the venue, play and walk around, and leave the convention center for other errands. This helps if you want to avoid the traffic rush, too. In speaking of,
    • Try to consider transportation with your schedule. You might have Grab or Angkas by your side, but traffic might be that as*hole that will ruin your day. So consider other options such as taking a cab, taking the jeep and bus, or taking the trains. If you need to take multiple trips to get to your destinations fast, we might recommend you do so. Keep safe, though, and keep your friends and family updated where you are at all times.
    • Take time to study the event schedule as well. Take note of the times your idols will appear so you can see them. If you’re participating in tournaments, make sure you get to know the schedule as well. 


  • Get familiar with the exhibitors, presenters. Folks at Gariath Concepts have been plugging their exhibitors for ESGS 2019 for a reason. There’s over 20 different brands, publishers, and companies coming to ESGS this year. This means not just a ton of potential offerings, but also a ton of chances to win freebies, or to meet the folks behind your favorite works. Stay tuned and keep your eyes glued to ESGS 2019 pages and media outlets like us because there’s a ton of people coming to ESGS. 
    • Folks from Nintendo will be coming to ESGS 2019. This marks the first time Nintendo will visit a game-related event in Southeast Asia. And while the Mario makers have been teasing new stuff already, surprises might be on our way during their visit.
    • Aside from devs, we have gaming hardware and peripherals makers as well. Folks from Acer Predator, Asus ROG, Lenovo Legion, and others that will be there. Be sure to check them out as they might just release new stuff there. 


Secure your finances, mobile data

  • Get your wallets primed and ready. Do you know what a video game event like ESGS brings? A ton of gadgets, a ton of peripherals, a ton of merch, and a ton of deals. Let us reiterate that ESGS 2019 falls on a “petsa de peligro” – as in that crucial point before salary day where we might want to buy a ton of things. A lot of us have been in ESGS before, and a lot of us also regret not having spare money ready to buy games, consoles, and peripherals. Publishers and devs ans exhibitors offer ESGS-exclusive deals for attendees, and other non-gaming exhibitors like artists and other merchants offer either ESGS-only products and/or discounts. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.
    • If you don’t have anything to buy, try to look at your wishlist for hardware and games. You might be able to see these in action in any of the exhibitors’ booths. On the plus side, you might even be able to check out new offerings from them as well. 
    • We have a ton of merchandise, products, and promos from exhibitors in the event. Watch out for discounts, especially in the Gariath Concepts hardware sale! 


  • Get your mobile data ready. If there’s anything our coverages in SMX Convention Center has proven, it’s that signal becomes hella strong inside the halls. Regardless if you’re attending for the tournaments (spectator or otherwise) or to walk around, you’d better pack strong mobile data. You never know when an exhibitor might offer free shirts for app downloads.
    • Advancements in marketing nowadays made the use of digital ad techniques more prevalent – in short, some exhibitors  might offer freebies in exchange for sign-ups of their services, subscriptions in websites, or even downloading their apps. While other exhibitors might offer booths of their own, mobile data can come in handy in this regard.
    • If you’re having trouble with reception, and if you’ve gotten tired of walking around for mobile data, you might want to lounge in PLDT and Smart’s CyberCity. They tout this area as a huge lounge for people to gather and meet each other. There might even be chances of guests being there to hang out, too!


Don’t forget about ESGS 2019 fashion!

  • Get your cosplay game on! ESGS 2019 touts itself as primarily a video game event, but that’s because video games can branch out and permeate through all walks of geekdom. This means a ton of cosplay! In ESGS, you’ll see all sorts of attendees, ranging from the usual congoer to hardcore gaming fans, to art enthusiasts and to collectors alike. On the get-go, ESGS is an event for almost anyone who’s tried any form of game, which means someone somewhere will know your cosplay. If you’ve got a costume you’ve been itching to try and showcase, now’s the time to do it.
    • Plus, there’s an entire Cosplay Competition with prizes up for grabs! If you have a prized cosplay piece, you can try signing up and getting it out for a spin. You can even opt out of the competition entirely and just wear your favorite costume! Apparently, even non-competing cosplayers can win prizes!


  • Get comfortable for walking. While we don’t discriminate anyone’s clothing preferences, we do recommend wearing comfortable clothing for long walks. If ESGS 2019 will be like other ESGSs, especially last year’s, then the entire first floor of SMX will likely be reserved for the event. And there’s the odds of the second floor being reserved for special events, too. While SMX looks small from the outside, it’s a behemoth on the inside. 
    • Bring an extra change of clothes, especially if you’re prone to sweating while doing a ton of activities. We can’t guarantee how fun some of the events will be. And considering how SMX gets cold in events, you don’t want to risk getting sick if you walk around wearing sweaty clothing.
    • On the one hand, this means fun for walking lovers. On the other, you can expect a ton of walking. Also, bring a jacket or two. The SMX Convention Center can be cold, so it does help to prepare. In speaking of the cold,


Consider health, companions

  • Get your medicine, umbrella ready. ESGS 2019 happens on an October, smack in the middle of the rainy season. Just because there aren’t a lot of typhoons and rains lately doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the rain. Bring raincoats and umbrellas, just to be sure. 
    • And while first-aid centers remain on the ready during ESGS 2019, bring travel medicine as well. Take note of your allergies and bring allergy meds. Don’t forget antibiotics and painkillers. 
    • If you feel uncomfortable in the slightest, go to the first-aid station right away. Or if you need a break from walking, go outside the halls to rest a bit. There’s Mall of Asia nearby, so you can take a breather there. You might be “left out” in some events, but that’s better than you being sick and missing the entirety of ESGS. 


  • Get your friends, family, fellow enthusiasts to come with you. We promise you, ESGS will always be a blast regardless of what’s happening in the halls. Separate events will be happening across all halls and corners at the same time, so be sure to take time to explore the different convention areas for maximum enjoyment. Imagine, going to ESGS allows you to walk around merchants, and exhibitor booths. However, some exhibitors and areas offer different things to attendees – such as Playbook’s separate fighting game corner, various exhibition matches from eSports guests, main stage highlights, and trying out indie titles in Indie Fiesta. In short, it’s probably something you’d want to enjoy with someone else.
    • Having people around will help you pay attention to multiple things in ESGS at once. Remember, the main event is huge – but there’s things happening in the MESA (Mobile Esports Arena) and the Mountain Dew fighting game tournament as well. It’s fun to go to areas that interest you – but you might want to get the latest in other areas as well!
    • Being with other people is fun when it comes to tournaments and other games. If you plan on joining any of the competitions there, maybe bring a friend or two! 


Get Ready For The Hype!

Hopefully, we’ve given just enough tips for you to do your last-minute preparations for this year’s ESGS. Remember, #ESGS2019 will be all about celebrating love for video games – so make sure you find ways to do just that. Don’t pressure yourself over the preparation, and make sure you’re just ready for situations that might challenge you – like, buying things. And trying out things. And buying more things. 

If you have any questions, just give us a beep! And if you have any comments and suggestions to fellow fans, feel free to message us or comment on this article as well! 

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