The Meaty Garden that is Choi Garden

Last Saturday, Choi Garden SM Megamall, invited us to sample their dishes and how they plan to bring the unique Hong Kong flavors into the everyday Filipino plate! Well, they had that plan accomplished perfectly as every dish they served, overflows with such oriental flavors, you just HAVE to COMEBACK!


First off is these 2, your very own noodle soup creation, with your own choice of soup base, noodles, and 3 choices of toppings!





Looks darn good right? I mean, heck! When you see noodles as firm as this, with all that oriental aroma filling the air, CAN YOU STILL IGNORE THAT?!! Frankly, I wouldn’t. I’d be nuts not to TRY THIS!


Then, we move to the famous Dimsum sampler. Mahgahd, the Hakao (shrimp dumpling) melts in your mouth!



They also served a Filipino-Chinese favorite, the Sweet ‘n Sour Pork. Their version is great rendition of this dish; it’s saucy all the way, but the crunchiness of the Pork stills remains, making it less soggy to eat.



And there is this certain simple dish that is SOOOOOOOO famously delicious that a certain restaurant in the same area is being stormed by people everyday just for them to try it out. Luckily for us, Choi Garden is also serving this very same dish, and bahgahd. It really stands for its name: the AMAZING BUN!



How is this bun amazing you say? Let me describe in 3 phrases how one can experience nirvana with just a bite:

  • Crispy exterior
  • Incredibly soft



To end the day at Choi, we also got to taste their freshly-baked Mooncakes. Their rendition of this pastry is great one, considering they got rid of that malansa taste coming from the egg, and still retain that creamy-rustic taste from the bean filling.



So what are you geeks waiting for? Visit Choi Garden now, located at 2nd floor, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall.


*Photos courtesy of Choi Garden SM Megamall and yours truly

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