Komikon 2015


Komikon 2015 has recently ended! The 11th money-sink convention in what I hope to be a forever thing; Komikon is an amazing experience that brings together geeks of all ages and stuffs them in a place filled to the wall with commissions and comics!


For those who didn’t get to go, Komikon 2015 was held in Bayanihan Center in Pasig. It’s an awesome space that fits the big number of attendees that go every year; aircon was great and the floor plan was thought out well. You could go through the whole convention without missing a booth! Plus, they moved the Visprint booth to a special corner to keep the crowd moving.


Visprint Booth and the long, long line.

Now, the line for Visprint is well-deserved! This year, two of the most famous komiks have released special issues! Kajo and Budjette released a full-color version of Trese: Sa Kanto ng Balete Drive; this issue is made extra special by having a Tagalog translation by the enigma Bob Ong! Manix Abrera also released his full-color Hukbong Sandatahan ng Kahaggardan! These two are definitely one of this year’s most-awaited books! Komikon 2015 and Visprint also handled the lines really well by cutting it into 50s so people could go around the venue while waiting for their turn!

I’m not one for lines but I managed to sneak a pic of Budjette and Kajo!


Also, a creeper pic of Manix!




No signatures but I got the books!

Komikon also had a number of artists and writers who came out to share their work with us! There were a lot of people selling their skills through xerox-comics, prints and commissions; this is where the majority of my cash went HAHAHAHUHU It’s totally worth it though, never have I ever been so entertained by ink on paper! Notable picks from my haul are Saksakan ng Pangit from Apol Sta. Maria, tagailog’s Pasig Unbound (from Culture Crash fame), Puso Negro, Ayi Santos’s Bubay and Bench by Mel Casipit! Expect a quick review when I’m done laughing my socks off~

Some of my cool pulls.

There were a lot of great artists sharing their prints, postcards and stickers with the crowd! It’s great that my cousin and I collect cute postcard-sized prints and stickers, we had so many options to choose from! SPOILERS! We chose them all, now we are on a forced-diet HAHAHAHUHU But like I said, all totally worth it. Special mentions go out to Frillion for the cool warrior cards with some nice comics to give each of them their background. And to Rianbow who just wows us with her watercolors! I also got to get a Monster Hunter Rathalos sketch, but the artist wasn’t there and I didn’t get to get the name. If anyone knows, send it over to us at Twitter!


Prints from Frillion, Rianbowart and a Rathalos sketch
Frillion with the warrior prints!
Rianbow with the famous watercolor prints!

I didn’t get to go to any of the planned talks and screenings but I heard that Puti, an art house mystery film directed by Mike Alcazaren was a really freaky movie. Here’s me hoping to get to watch the movie somewhere soon!  And there was also a Tanods screening with the famous Bayaw (for President)! There were also stages with Mico Suayan among others and Geek Fight contests; I probably have to brush up on all the different genres of geekdom before I can even dream of competing with them.

Tons of activities!

This year’s Komikon is one of the best geek conventions we have had this year. And totally a special event since this is where we at What’s A Geek met for the first time <3

Komikon 2015 has comics…
… prints and stickers …
… and a whole lot more!

All in all, Komikon 2015 is great! Venue was nice and organized, we had no trouble navigating even through the crowds. The line-up was star studded and the booths had quality material. The stages and events were really entertaining and got people from everywhere to participate. Now, I’m gonna start saving for 2016’s Komiket, Summer and November Komikon!

Thanks Chippy!

Check out the gallery for more pictures of Komikon! Tell us in the comments if you see yourself or any of your friends!


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