Ghostbusters Reboot Rumored to Have All Female Cast

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Paul Feig is in the final leg on his quest to find the new Ghostbusters for the Ghostbusters reboot film.

kristen_wiig_leslie_jones_kate_mckinnon_melissa_mccarthyThe four actresses in the running for the reboot of the movie includes Kristin Wiig, Melisa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

At the moment though, it’s really just McCarthy that’s just confirmed for an unspecified role in the new movie.

Interestingly enough McKinnon and Jones are currently working on Saturday Night Live while Wiig was a former member. Even more important is the fact that both Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray were also part of the SNL cast decades ago.


Its really the next best thing for the franchise considering Harry Ramis (Egon) passed away last year while original director Ivan Reitman has bowed out of the project. Bill Murray doesn’t want to have anything to do with the new project but Ernie Hudson (Winston) and Akroyd (Ray), last we checked, were OK with doing the project.

No official release date for Ghostbusters yet but tune in here in What’s a Geek for more details.

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