Kate Mara’s Invisible Woman Costume for the Fantastic Four Reboot Film

A total of four new still images have been released in line with the Fantastic Four reboot film directed by Josh Trank. Included in the set of photos is a still with a closer look at Kate Mara’s Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman.

Fantastic-Four-reboot-empire (4)

obviously this isn’t your granddaddy’s FF as they have this darker, realistic tone and borrowing heavily from Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Fantastic Four origin arc.


They even have the villain from the first part of the arc is in the film… Mole Man…

Fantastic-Four-reboot-empire (3)

The stills from Empire also gave us a peek at Jamie Bell’s Ben Grimm aka The Thing in his human form…

Fantastic-Four-reboot-empire (1)

Lastly, we got another look at Michael B. Jordan’s Human Torch aka Johnny Storm…

Fantastic-Four-reboot-empire (2)

At this point in time, we can say that unless they don’t have a perfectly good reason for the costume or if they do not have a good follow up to the costumes, then I would say it sucks.

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