Stories of Spooks: A WAG All Souls Day Treat!

Okay, so first of all, a fair warning! These stories of spooks might be or might not be SCARY, so if you guys are up to being spooked out, continue reading. If not, then kindly skip this post ’cause all these creepy pastas are REAL stories from our own experiences, with some coming from of our families and friends!


1. The Kid and his Nanny

It was Palm Sunday then; we were invited to a certain exclusive subdivision in Quezon City, to a street named Kingsville, by a close family friend. Apparently, it was Lolo Benny’s birthday. Lolo Benny was one of our closest extended family. They were neighbors with my Dad and his family when he was still young, until they decided to move to Davao during the Martial Law. So yeah, you can say that I was visiting my Dad’s childhood household as it was only beside Lolo Benny’s residence. Of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without our other relatives coming in, it was another day reliving the glorious olden days!

An hour later, my cousin asked me accompany him to their van; he’s gonna get his other DS games. As we were going down the staircase, I noticed that the wind suddenly became cold and breezy. It was weird, since all day it was hot and dry. Heck, it’s been a week like that! There I was, facing my Dad’s childhood house’s veranda. I saw a kid wearing a checkered shirt, with matching suspenders, together with his Nanny who wears the typical white Nanny uniform but a little bit out-dated in design. The kid was going, “Oy bata, punta ka dito! Laro tayo! (Hey kid, come here, let’s play!)” with the Nanny telling him, “Huwag mo na sila istorbohin, kita mo naman na nagkakasiyahan sila doon. (Don’t bother them, can’t you see they’re having fun already?)” Well, that was a weird line from a Nanny, probably a probinsiyana from her way of speaking. We got the game, we got back and we caught up with our folks talking about the becoming of their old childhood house and how no one would muster the courage to live there. I was dumbstruck since I saw that kid and his nanny there, I ignored it anyways. The morning after, over breakfast, my Dad was emphasizing that the house was still abandoned due to it being haunted. That’s when I interrupted and said, “No it wasn’t, there’s a family there last night. All lights are open, seems they were having a party too. Heck, a kid even invited me to go there but his nanny stopped him!” There was a silence in the dining room. Finally I broke, “What? Told ya someone’s already bought it.” My dad asked me with a -cold sweaty face, “What did the kid looked like? And the Yaya?(Nanny in Filipino)” I described it, and then he laughed sarcastically. He then clarified if I saw the lights on as if there was a party and I said a big YES. Finally, he told me, “Anak, walang nakatira dun (Son, nobody lives there). The last owner of that house was an Aussie guy, who left everything a month ago coz the apparitions never stopped! If my hunch is correct, you saw THEM! You got your “EYE” opened…” “Well f*ck”, that was my reaction. Pretty soon, I can already feel if “something” is in the vicinity. Good thing only my sense works, imagine if it was the “EYE” that developed! That was the first of many incidents I have ever experienced. All because of a kid and his nanny.




2.  The Kingsville House

To explain the happenings from the previous story, let me narrate some of the events that happened there circa 1960’s-70’s, during my Dad’s residency there, at that very house. There was a Black Lady in that house, according to them and to their helpers. Mind you, Blacks are DANGEROUS! Here’s a breakdown for starters: The White Lady appears to ask for help, all in her bloody mess. The Black Lady is the one that inflicts pain, it attacks physically and mentally, a vengeful spirit in all sense. The last one if The Red Lady, otherwise known as the Devil himself/herself, once seen, it’s game over. It’ll just take your soul out of your body and then you’re dead. Back to topic, the Black has been spotted either in the living room or the garage, weeping. My Dad even blames his sudden illness which almost took his life due to Black’s presence. Finally, they mustered enough guts to question the mystery, by means of the infamous Ouija. They went into Lolo Benny’s house’s basement as they were told that they should need a dark room for “that”. So they went on with it, to finally solve it, my Dad, my Tita, and two of their best friends. It moved, and they asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?” What creeped me out was the answer, for it had two answers! My dad told me it was, “R-I-Z-A-L” and then he ran upstairs to call for help. What the others saw was even more terrifying, “H-I-T-L-E-R” everyone was already having an asthma attack from the answer! One mustered up the courage to finally ask, “Which one? Who really are you?” the glass moved and it answered, “T-H-E…S-A-M-E!” and all hell broke loose! Luckily, my grandfolks were there just before it went awry and did some incantation stuff for them to escape. After that very incident, the Basement was locked up. How was I sure? I saw the Basement entrance at the party, it was locked inside a glassed cage or something, with a small paper of which I didn’t even dare touch. Sometime after the incident, even after locking down the basement, strange illness happened inside the house, they said it was the effect of the Ouija. Present day, seems everything had mellowed down, with the family now being more religious and all. As for the The Black Lady and my Dad’s childhood house? It still is a mystery yet unsolved.




3. The Doppleganger Incident

High school, it was gonna be a long day and I saw one of them a-hole, CAT/COCC cadet wannabees, strutting like fashion model in a fatigue together with his classmates who obviously didn’t care. I was smirking at him, mouthing the word “poser”. A friend was with him and I greeted him. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer back. Thinking he had a bad day, me and another pal just proceeded to the Computer Lab upstairs at the other building. We were chatting, only to find that certain friend, was up there, GOING DOWN with another of our pals! My buddy said, “Didn’t we saw him a minute ago downstairs?!!” High as heck, I approached him as fast as I could, just before he went down, and asked him straight in the eye, “BUMABA KA BA KANINA? (Did you go down earlier?)”. He answered me with a straight NO, and his classmate asked me, as if presuming I would ask for a fight, “Is there something wrong?” Me and my buddy told him what happened, and they were in disbelief, telling us that they haven’t left the Computer Lab since then. Our teacher heard us and she also affirmed that they were with her all along. That’s when I knew it was a Doppleganger, and I said to my friend, “Don’t take you break, don’t go into your class until after lunch. Someone just “replaced” you, I can feel it. Stay in the infirmary for the mean time, we’ll update you in any case something happens.” Urban legend has it that when you see a Doppleganger, make sure that the person being copied is being secured. Otherwise, that person will be permanently replaced once he stumbles upon his/her own copy. The day ended with my friend getting 2 perfect scores in English and a failing mark in Math. Mind you, he was bad in English and a whiz at Math, and he was in the infirmary when those tests happened.




4. The CAReS Building

The College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences (CARes) building of one of the renowned medical schools in the metro is where a medical student hones his/her skills. Of course, for every med school building, there is always a dark secret hidden with it. Rumor has it that there is a playful kid spirit, a woman, and an entity of which I haven’t confirmed what it was. “It’s just a story”, we told ourselves, since we’ve been having classes in the CAReS building for the longest time, we haven’t seen anything…YET. It was anatomy class, 11 AM, everyone was busy dissecting their respective cadavers, reviewing for the practicals the following day. Suddenly, our classmate passed through us to the other room to seemingly borrow a tool, while singing “Fireworks”. Well, we weren’t surprised, after all everyone was noisy at that time. After several minutes or so, she went back to her cadaver station and proceeded with the dissection. A moment later, she was approached by her best friend and team member, whispered something to her, and there was a crying incident no sooner. We asked her why of course and she told us the story. While she was dissecting earlier, she saw something pass through via her peripheral vision. Thing is, there was no one there since everyone was at the other corner at that time and no one can pass through that quickly. That obviously spooked her, hence the earlier sing-along. When she returned, her best friend told her that a boy was sitting behind her, observing her quietly. Heck, when everyone heard the story, the class emptied the room! Even I myself, didn’t feel the boy’s presence at all! Turns out, the BFF’s were really “sensitive” when it comes to “that” kind of stuff. If I was the mid-tier type who can sense, they’re probably the top-tier ones that “others” try to communicate to for help.




5. The Corregidor Hitchhiker

Corregidor was used by the Americans during their time here. Eventually, it was destroyed to ruins when the Japanese attacked during WWII. Of course, a lot died then, barracks were ruined, and spirits eventually haunted the island. Some say that one is prohibited to swim the shores of Corregidor due to many incidents of drowning. A survivor said that something is pulling them downwards, as if there were hands holding on to their legs! Another incident was when the Corregidor hotel was still under construction. The engineer and architect took their jeepney to get something at their office, when they saw an officer hitchhiking. Back then, American soldiers are still on sight to have them patrol the area. After all, it’s still one of their bases even though obliterated. As they went on, the 2 men saw a shocking reveal! The officer had no reflection at the rear view mirror and “it” was still with them! The 2 men jumped out of their jeepney and left it to be recovered in the morning, racing to get to their office as quickly as possible! Never have people believed this before, until there was this recent incident that turned their faces pale! Tourist buses for Corregidor are segregated, one for Filipinos, another for all English speakers, and the other for Japanese folks. One was to follow this procedure to enjoy the trip, and if you are accidentally put in a bus where everyone is Japanese-speaking, you’d probably regret that nosebleed. So on goes the tour, and this guy inside the bus without someone sitting beside him. 1st tourist stop, everyone got down and explored then again with the tour. This guy was surprised to see someone now sitting beside him, an American wearing Hawaiian polo and pants. He thought, “Must be some war fanatic, might even understand Tagalog since he’s in an all-Filipino bus”. Later, the bus heading at the hotel for lunch, the tourist guide told them again why it has to be a exclusive-ride for Filipinos and the other buses for foreigners. He pointed out finally, “Eh meron ditong Kano ah? Katabi ko pa nga ngayon eh!” A little boy with his parents told him, “Wala naman po kayo katabi ah?” Looking at his side, there was an empty sit. The tour guide asked him what the guy looked like and after hearing the description nodded. “Yep, he’s at it again. Sir, if it would be ok with you, would you prefer sitting beside me? Seems like we have our “resident” hitchhiker with us today!”




That’s about it, 5 of our spookiest stories. And to the rest who are still skeptical about these stories, it’s only a matter of time before you yourselves experience the paranormal. I did, and so did this woman standing behind me while I’m writing this…

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