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Which Dazzler will be in X-Men: Dark Phoenix?

X-Men: Dark Phoenix has started it’s production! And with it, a dazzling announcement!

Dazzler will finally be in the film!

Though in the previous film, X-Men: Apocalypse there was a hint of Dazzler being seen, as a cover for her vinyl record. But it was later scratched off when the final version of the film was released. There was also a rumor that Taylor Swift was supposed to play for the role, but it was also been debunked later.

This was supposed to be an Easter Egg, but it got cut from the film



The upcoming installment of the X-Men film franchise was mentioned to be set in the early 90’s/ With Dazzler being added, in a cameo role, which version of Alison Blaire can we expect?

Here at What’s A Geek, will show some possible version our Disco Diva Mutant that could possible come out in the film.


90’s Jim Lee Dazzler


Back when Jim Lee was running the show for the X-Men comic in the 90’s, Dazzler was seen the just a few issues. Mostly battling a rebellion, with then love-interest, Longshot, against Mojo in the a Reality TV based dimension called Mojoworld.

Her outfit would be the short hair and wearing a high-waist pants and leader her members rebel against a literal couch potato. A big fat slimy couch potato riding a crawling chair.

Is this the Alison Blaire are we expecting in the film?



Punk Dazzler


It was during when Marvel NOW had a relaunch (for the nth time), with several titles including the Uncanny X-Men, where the mutants just had their own Schism that resulted into 2 X-Men schools, Wolverine’s and Cyclops’. It was then showed the current whereabouts of Dazzler. Apparently, she’s working a SHIELD agent. But unknown to all, it was really Mystique in disguised. The real Dazzler was kidnapped and sedated by Mystique. Where her blood is being extracted to produce a synthetic drug known as Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH) and sell it out in the black market.

When Cyclops’ X-Men team was able to rescue Dazzler, she had developed a dark and vengeful attitude and swore to hunt down everyone who did this to her. With that change of perspective, she also changed her looks. Going more punk and moving away from her disco look.

Well, since the setting of the film is in the 90’s and it will be exploring Jean Grey’s “dark side”, I guess going punk could be appropriate. It was in the 90’s that the punk rock alternative songs were spreading through the radio waves back then.



Hard Rock Dazzler


This hardcore rocker version of Alison Blaire is from the Ultimate Marvel Universe (Earth-1610). Where she is plays vocals and guitars of a rock band called “Dazzler”. Eventually, she joined the X-Men dating Angel, until she was put on a comatose state after being attacked. She, then, was later on kidnapped, by a delusional Nightcrawler and was also hooked by a mutant drugged called “Banshee”.

Later on, during the Ultimate Marvel Universe event, Ultimatum, Dazzler was among the heroes who died when Magneto launched a doomsday weapon, wiping out many Ultimate characters along.

Knowing the film’s direction and announcement that Dazzler would just be seen as a cameo, I doubt that seeing her die won’t be added since we all know that in the Dark Phoenix Saga who will die (right?).


Then there is the whole 90’s theme where the movie will be set into. Aside from the punk/alternative rock era the 90’s gave us. There’s also the Bubblegum Pop music happening during the 90’s. We might be getting a Mariah Carey-ish Dazzler or and R&B-ish type of Dazzler, like former singer Aaliyah. Who knows?

both artists were on top of the charts back in the early 90’s


But then again, nothing beats seeing Alison Blair going all Disco. With her mirror-ball necklace and roller skate shoes, plus that Glam Rock-ish make-up. Yup, I think even in the 90’s theme, her original look can still be pulled off.



X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be directed by Simon Kinbergand and it will star Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Alexander Shipp (Storm) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler).

The film is scheduled for a November 2018 release.

Which Dazzler do you guys want to see? Hit us up on Twitter or in the comments below!



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