Ezra Miller Talks About his Upcoming Role as the DC Extended Universe’s The Flash

MTV had a surprise guest recently who also happens to be the fastest man alive. The DCCU version of The Flash aka Ezra Miller dropped by to talk about his superhero role as well as his new movie Trainwreck & The Stanford Prison Experiment.

In his interview, Miller opens up about playing ‘The Flash’ for the WB and Zack Snyder movie.

“Barry Allen is the hero of the Silver Age, who follows a lot of really interesting discoveries in physics,” Miller claimed, “It’s like, where he comes from, we’ve figured out the event horizon was there, and then he was the character that was created through our mythos machine of comic books to break that event horizon so we could explore in fantasy. I think that’s an interesting idea – and also what the f*ck does that do to someone?”

Miller was also asked if he was following the CW’s version of The Flash to which he says:

“I’m not avoiding it all. I think it’s awesome!” Ezra revealed, “Come on, we’re The Flash! It’s parallel universes! Grant Gustin is The Flash and I’m The Flash – don’t you see? It’s the Event Horizon, we crossed it baby! Grant and I are chilling. We’re gonna have a race – it’s gonna be dope! Like Jay Garrick and Barry Allen back in the day!”

Credits: Comicbookmovie

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