Scarlett Johansson Cast in Ghost in the Shell

It looks like Scarlett Johansson is ready to take the mantle of action heroine as reports are coming in that she’ll be topbilling the Hollywood adaptation of the manga and anime “Ghost in the Shell”

Scarlett Johansson ghost in the shell (2)

It looks like Johansson will be in the lead following her stellar performance in other action films such as Lucy and the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron flick. Steven Spielberg who is a big fan of the Masamune Shirow creation will be doing executive producer duties while Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders will be directing (hopefully he doesn’t get involved with ScarJo).


To be fair, they never “confirmed” that ScarJo would be playing GITS star Motoko Kusanagi, just that she’ll be starring in the movie. Still we here at What’s a Geek believe that (a) it’s Hollywood whitewashing all over again and (b) there’s nothing wrong with Scarlett Johansson per se, its really just that Motoko’s asian and former Mrs. Ryan Reynolds is clearly not.

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