Rave and Rant: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave and SHFiguarts Avengers

Hey there, guys! New year, new action figures coming and surely, there’ll be more reveals in upcoming weeks from different brands such as SHFiguarts, Hasbro, DC, Sideshow Collectibles and many more! Stay tuned here to my Rave and Rant series here at What’s A Geek.

To start of this year, let me share to you the Rave and Rant episode featuring the upcoming Marvel Legends Spider-Man wave (Comic Series) consisting of characters like (well, uh –) Spider-Man with alternated hands and a half masked head, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Anti-Venom, Spider-Man 2099, Daredevil and for this wave’s Build-A-Figure, Phil Urich’s Hobgoblin.


As for the SHFiguarts Avengers: Age of Ultron series, they recently previewed Iron Man Mark 43 (an obvious reverse of Mark 42’s colorway). I am really digging this new look and armor even if it’s just, well — mark 42 with a different colorway. Anyway, this series of Avengers AOU figures will include Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk!

So, if you want to know more about how I see these upcoming figures, check out the video below.


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