The Last Jedi to be stricken from Star Wars canon on say-so

There’s no question that The Last Jedi is controversial. It has caused more fandom fights than the Superman vs Goku question. Recently, the press asked Star Wars creator George Lucas about the popular movement to have The Last Jedi stricken from his beloved creation’s canon.

The movie is unpopular with many fans for many reasons, such as the impossibility of strong female characters, mistreatment of fan favorites, and “plot holes” that are explainable by paying attention to the movie.

Star Wars
a totally implausible character in an already fictional movie

In a statement made by a middle-aged man with facial hair and a zeal for the Star Wars canon, the following was overheard: “The Last Jedi was a terrible choice and an insult to Star Wars fans everywhere; it should be stricken from the canon!”

See the full press statement here.


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