The B.I.Ginning B.I.G Asia Tour in Manila

Hello hello!

And in just a few days, B.I.G will finally be here in Manila!

For those of you who don’t know them yet, Boys In Groove (B.I.G) is a five member group from GH Entertainment.  The boys debuted with their single Hello and have seen a moderate amount of success getting New Artist awards and being named Ambassadors for Korean Life and Korean Youth. As part of the B.I.G Asia Tour, they’ll be stopping by the Music Museum in San Juan and us Biginnings will have a chance to meet them up-close and personal!


1.2.3! Some things you have to know about B.I.G

Many of the faithful readers of What’s A Geek are parts of other fandoms, so here’s a quick run down about the boys so you can get up to speed!

  1. J-hoon the eldest and the leader, Benji, Gunmin, Minpyo and maknae Heedo make up B.I.G. The five of them trained for around three years before they debuted in 2014
  2. On their 200th day, they named our fanclub: Biginnings!
  3. Hello Hello is their sixth single and marks the return of Minpyo after taking a break for health concerns

You can also listen to their stuff on Spotify while getting ready for the concert!

B.I.G in Manila!

Our friends from All Access Productions invited us to a presscon where we got up-and-close with the Boys. We got to ask them some questions about the Philippines and their feelings about this Saturday!

Benjie took the lead with his excellent command of English and told us how excited they are to be back here in the country. B.I.G was here with the Super Pop Con earlier this July. He also told us how much fun he and the rest of B.I.G had when they were on Showtime! Vice Ganda left such an impression  on Benjie and made him think a lot about what he wants to do.

B.I.G at the presscon

When asked how they felt about their fans, the Boys mentioned that fans from all the countries are all different. They’re looking at how much the fans will be different from country to country.  They also were asked to give one word to described us fans from the Philippines; Minpyo says fans are his energy while Heedo compared us to energy drinks. Benjie called us dynamite and says that they are the fuse that will bring a big explosion. J-hoon called us his friends and that we never fail to greet him with a smile. Gunmin decided to make up his own word: yorongi. Much like the word, fans are special to him.

To wrap up the small event, the boys were asked to give us messages for this Saturday’s concert. They want us to eat healthy and train for the passionate performances we’ll get this passionate concert. B.I.G is going to relieve our stress and make us dream about them for a month.

B.I.G in Manila

We ended with a lot of laughs and promises of excitement from the boys. Now we can’t wait for Saturday!

Tickets for The B.I.GINNING

You can get your tickets at Ticketworld at 1,500 for Gold, 3,500 for VIP and 5,000 for SVIP! See you all at the Music Museum on 2 Sept 2017!


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