#NerdMusicMonday: The Hamilton Mixtape

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Hey there, Hamilton fan! Last weekend saw the release of the much-awaited Hamilton Mixtape. If you want to get more mashups of hip-hop and the American founding fathers, here’s your chance to disappear for a couple of hours in the phat beats produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Roots.

Covering the songs are some of the show’s inspirations (Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Alicia Keys, to name a few), and as a bonus, Miranda added few demos of tracks that didn’t make it to the musical. Cabinet Battle #3, in particular, deals with slavery and further stirs up the rivalry between Hamilton and Jefferson.

I felt a bit of disappointment when the first few tracks dropped, as I felt that they didn’t quite capture the feelings of the originals. Now that the entire mixtape is out and I can listen to the songs in their context, I thought that they were pretty good cover versions. Except for Jimmy Fallon’s version of You’ll Be Back. Ugh.

Highlights include:

  • Wait For It by Usher
  • My Shot by The Roots
  • Helpless by Ashanti and Ja Rule
  • Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) by K’NAAN
  • History Has Its Eyes On You by John Legend
  • Dear Theodosia (Reprise) by Chance The Rapper & Francis and the Lights

You can stream the entire mixtape here:

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