Yoona’s First Solo Project Is Next On SM Entertainment’s Station

Listen boys (and fangirls,) Yoona’s First Solo Project! (sung to the tune of Gee)

Anyway, the Goddess Yoona, my waifu, is finally releasing a solo project!

Last Monday, SM Entertainment teased the next stop in their Station project. SM Station is an on-going collaboration between SMTown artists and musicians and talents from other companies. This was spearheaded with Taeyeon’s RAIN and continues on to many of our beloved artists!


SM Teaser for Station

Their latest teaser was that an SM Artist would be collaborating with the indie band 10cm. 10cm is composed of two regular members and a slew of guest members nd their songs have this laid-back chillax feel to it. Listen to one here:

And last Wednesday, it was confirmed by MyDaily, that 10cm will be collaborating with Yoona! Coincidentally, also Taeyeon’s birthday #happytaengooday

Yoona’s First Solo cover!

According to the article their collaboration will be titled “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway” and features electric piano and acoustic guitars. Deoksugung is a real place in Korea where tourists pass by to see the changing of the guard and the Palace and enjoy the beautiful mix of modern and ancient culture. Also, the place is semi-related to breakups since the family law court for divorce is right around the corner.

Then, the SM Entertainment Twitter dropped the biggest bomb for my fanboy heart. They gave us a short– too short– teaser of their collaboration. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and give this a listen.

Okay, it’s not what we was expecting. I really wanted Yamyam TV to be a real thing, but this is way better! You done watching?  You sure? AAAHHH. I cannot wait for Friday! Even this 15 second clip is getting me terribly excited. I can’t imagine what would happen if I press play on the next link. You guys ready to listen to it with me? Leggo!


CLICK HERE FOR THE NAVER POST! (Will update as soon as the YouTube Link is out)


AAAHHH!!! That was amazing. Literally out of breath here. For Yoona’s First Solo Project this was everything I had wished for and more!


*hits replay for like infinity*

Now that I’m semi-calm, let’s go on over to her social media accounts and congratulate our goddess on a  job well done! Buy the single on iTunes and listen to it on Spotify!



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