Celebrating 60 Years of Philippine Japan Friendship with AKB48

Celebrating 60 Years of Philippine Japan Friendship with AKB48 60 years of anything is a feat worthy of the record books. In 2016, the Philippines and Japan achieves an impressive milestone - 60 years of diplomatic relations. These six decades are supported by economic, political, and technological cooperation as well as strong tourism and trade…

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New Utada Hikaru Album Dropping September 28

Japanese Pop Goddess Utada Hikaru will be releasing her first new album in 8 years on September 28. The yet-to-be-titled album will be Utada's 6th Japanese album, and 9th overall. Utada's hiatus began in 2010, where she cited exhaustion for needing to take an extended break. In the interim, she released three songs, including "Sakura Nagashi", the…

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AKB48 Announces MNL48 (and others), Continues World Domination

AKB48, arguably one of the most successful idol groups of the modern era have continued to expand their reach. Their concept of "idols you can meet" has led to a whole -48 empire - first with sister groups in Japan such as SKE48 in Nagoya, NMB48 in Namba and HKT48 in Hakata. Their first forays overseas…

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