AKB48 Announces MNL48 (and others), Continues World Domination

AKB48, arguably one of the most successful idol groups of the modern era have continued to expand their reach. Their concept of “idols you can meet” has led to a whole -48 empire – first with sister groups in Japan such as SKE48 in Nagoya, NMB48 in Namba and HKT48 in Hakata. Their first forays overseas has lead to JKT48 in Jakarta, Indonesia and SNH48 in Shanghai, China.

And now, the AKB48 Group is bringing their concept to The Philippines.


According to the official website for the announcement, three sister groups are in the works.


Group name: Comes from Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei

Logo color: The gradation color of Taiwan’s representative fruit “mango”, showing how the mango changes color as it ripens, represents the charming growth of each member.


Group name: Comes from Philippines’ capital city, Manila

Logo color: The blue color taken from the flag of the Philippines is used as a motif


Group name: Comes from Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok

Logo color: The color of the orchid flower popular in Thailand, is used as a motif


So far details are scarce, but they have an Official Facebook Page up and running. If precedent is anything to go by, we can expect audition details and information on media partners and theatre location sometime soon.


Kimi Lim

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