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Konami Location Tests New Arcade Games Sound Voltex and Museca in The Philippines

There was a piece recently on WAG on whether arcade culture was dead in The Philippines which raised questions on social media on their long term viability. Regardless, it seems as if our arcade scene was viable enough for Konami to test two of their newest series in the Bemani franchise. For those of you unfamiliar…

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Hideo Kojima: The Last Auteur

After enduring an onslaught of douchbaggery from his former employers, Hideo Kojima finally severed the chains of Konami. The official news broke out when Kojima announced on Twitter that his employment contract with the much-hated game publisher was ultimately terminated. There was much jubilation around the infinite corners of the Internet. It was then followed…

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Review of a Schizophrenic Game: ‘The Phantom Pain’

Full disclosure before I begin the review of The Phantom Pain. I am one of the biggest fans of the Metal Gear series you’ll ever meet. This review will be coming from the point of view of someone who is fully “committed” to the Metal Gear themes, setting, and tone. With that said, let’s begin my…

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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Limited Edition PS4 Preview

A limited edition Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 system will reportedly be released in Asia by Sony. The console together with the DualShock controller was created through a collaboration with Sony and the very much dead Konami Digital Entertainment (feh) In line with the upcoming release of 'The Phantom Pain' gamers…

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What We Know About the State of ‘Silent Hills’

We all saw this coming. With the questionable state of Hideo Kojima's employment with Konami, all of the projects the prolific game director is involved with are in a weird position. Most notable of which is Silent Hills. First of all, we know that P.T. (the playable teaser of Silent Hills) will be taken off the Playstation Store on the…

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