What’s A Geek at Manila Hobbies & Collectibles Convention 2017!

As geekdom becomes increasingly mainstream, we see a lot of things that were exclusively in the domain of geeks now attended by everyone else. Events like the San Diego Comic-Con are now multimedia extravaganzas filled with celebrities who wouldn’t even visit a convention a decade back. The same can be said for local events, too. AsiaPop Comic Con was huge and was reminiscent of its counterparts from the US. Even the old guard like ToyCon went big, with an event that rivaled APCC.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the big, flashy conventions. We like that everyone is now wearing their geek hearts on their sleeves. However, us old geeks miss the smaller conventions, when people focused on the toys and comics, and not on which Hollywood star is due to make an appearance.

Channeling his inner Darth Vader

The 2nd Manila Hobbies & Collectibles Convention felt exactly like the conventions of old. We like that it was small and not as flashy as the more famous cons. We’d like to repeat what we said last year:

It’s got heart where it counts: cool collectibles and a passionate community. It doesn’t hurt that there’s awesome swag, fantastic displays, local artists, cosplayers, and more!

Is there room for improvement? Sure. We appreciate that there are toys everywhere, but there’s an overwhelming amount of Funko Pops, Star Wars, and Marvel. We’d love to see more comics and a more diverse selection of toys. Heck, throw in all the obscure stuff you can find, exhibitors!

Overall, we think Manila Hobbies & Collectibles Convention is on the right track. We hope next year’s convention gets bigger. I can already hear my wallet begging for mercy.

Check out some of the pictures that we took:

P.S. There are no cosplayer photos because RJ refused to take photos of them they mostly stayed outside the convention hall.

Ade Magnaye

Ade is a bassist who blogs way too much about Doctor Who and Batman. Check out his blog at Noisy Noisy Man and follow him on Twitter: @AdeMagnaye

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