‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Makes it the Worst Movie I Want to Watch

We’ve all expressed our doubts at the new Power Rangers movie. Yeah, the initial trailer had way too much angst and grit. What was previously a light-hearted American take on Japanese Super Sentai has now been given the Chronicle treatment, and I’m not even sure how to feel about it.

The new Power Rangers trailer, however, seems to hew closer to the cheesefest that was the 90’s show. It’s still dark in ways I don’t approve of (was the drug testing joke really necessary? ), but it somehow resembles the show that I know and love.

Watch the new Power Rangers trailer below:

Aside from a glimpse into the morphing process, we get to see the costumed Rangers in (very minimal) action. We also see Bryan Cranston’s Zordon in a cool redesign. We also get to hear the actor who played the immortal role of drug kingpin Walter White/Heisenberg say, with total gravitas, “It’s Morphin’ Time.”

Still not a fan of the new costumes, and I just loathe the redesigns of Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and the Zords. Seriously: that Megazord looks horrible.

It looks totally cheesy, and bad in so many ways. It’s one of those movies I know will suck, but I’ll watch anyway since it looks like a good (or so bad it’s good) time, like the first Transformers. I can’t wait to watch it on opening night.

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Ade Magnaye

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