TES: Skyrim Get Their Own Funko Pop! Vinyl

Drem Yol Lok Fahdoni!

Entertainment Earth wows us with a new exclusive release straight from the mortal plane of Tamriel!

Check out these glam shots of the new The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Funko pop set. All of the figures stand 3-inches tall save for Alduin who towers over them at a majestic 6-inches.



This set of 6 wows us with familiar faces from our travels in North Tamriel. We’ve got the Breton from High Rock, all sneaky-like with their bows and masked faces.  Skyrim’s Sons of Snow, the Nord is also here; ready to protect his home with his majestic beard and axes. A spellsword High Elf is with the set (hopefully not Thalmor!) ready to cast protective Restoration magic for whatever danger Skyrim’s harsh conditions will bring. The mysterious Daedric Warrior is also here with his menacing armor from the plane of Oblivion. Rounding out the set is the main character Dovahkiin with his iconic armor from the box art and the game trailers and the World Eater, Alduin.

The whole set is amazingly crafted with tons of details and lots of lore embedded in the details. We’re definitely gonna get the whole set when they reach the market! Check back here for a review when we have them! Meanwhile, look at the glam shots below!

Pruzah Wundunne.  Lok, Thu’um, fahdoni.

FU5269-840x600 FU5270_ElderScrolls_FUNord_hires-840x600FU5271-840x600FU5268-840x600 FU5242-840x600 FU5267-840x600


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