ToyCon 2019 Sports New Logo, More Toys & Spectacles!

ToyCon 2019 proves #ToyCon will remain as a convention to look forward to, and they do this in a ton of different ways this year. As the convention looms over the horizon, it’s time for local toy geeks and enthusiasts to get together to appreciate the sheer delight in toys.

If you ever fancy just how toy collectors choose pieces to collect, or how toy collectors get to customize their collections, ToyCon becomes the place to go. And if you want to jumpstart your own toy collection, this definitely becomes the event to attend. What’s A Geek!‘s Chad elaborates on the things you can definitely expect this weekend in this year’s installment of ToyCon.

ToyCon 2019: Where Asia Comes To Play

ToyCon this year introduces a new slogan: Where Asia Comes To Play. And this makes sense, as this highlights the convention’s push to bring more guests and figures (no pun intended) in the hobby to the country. What better way to enjoy a toy convention than to gather toy enthusiasts from all over the world, right? 

Given ToyCon had already begun with this push to bring in international guests years prior, it makes sense for them to use a slogan such as this to formalize their thrust. And we’re sure toy enthusiasts have appreciated this effort through the years. 

With a new slogan comes huge surprises as well. ToyCon teased the arrival of other pop culture guests. These include a live performance of The Kings, which won 2019’s World of Dance. Not only that, but celebrity guests will make their way to the Philippines as well. The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and Steven Ogg (Simon) will walk away from the land of zombies and to the land of toys this weekend.

Festivities won’t stop with celebrity guests, though.

New Year, New Look

Fans may be surprised to see ToyCon 2019 sporting a new logo. And it seems to be more eye-catching than the old one.

Both the old and new ToyCon logos bear similarities - but there's definitely a more playful style to the new logo that may get the attention of fans.
Both the old and new ToyCon logos bear similarities – but there’s definitely a more playful style to the new logo that may get the attention of fans. You be the judge.

Guests, Guests, and More Guests!

Cosplayers will be on the limelight as well. ToyCon 2019 will host the World Cosplay Summit – Philippines National Finals. Cosplayers Reika, Ming Miho, Sergio Sta. Ana, and Kai Raito will be headlining the festivities. 

In this year’s World Cosplay Summit, five (5) cosplay pairs from select regions in the country will be selected. They will be representing the Philippines in the 2019 World Cosplay Summit in Japan. 

More guests will appear in the form of comic artists as well. These include Ed Tadeo, Heubert Khan Michael, Harvey Tolibao, and Pol Medina Jr.

This opens up ToyCon not just for toy enthusiasts, but enthusiasts in other hobbies as well. If you’re into anime, you can go to ToyCon for the toys and the merchandise. If you’re into cosplay, ToyCon will most likely be filled with people in awesome costumes. 

What About The Toys?

And of course, toy brands and toy designers aplenty will be present. Brands like LEGO, Bandai, Funko, Good Smile, and more will be there. This means toy collectors will be able to get their money’s worth as a lot of toy brands mean a lot of toys.

Of course, whether wallets will be left unscathed after ToyCon will be another discussion. 

Toy designers Ron English, Wetworks, and Kaze Studio will be there as well. This means fans will likely get a lot of news as to what’s new in the industry. And not only that, they might even share some secrets to making toys as well.

Toy Collectors Unite!

ToyCon 2019 happens this weekend in the SMX Convention Center in Pasay. Festivities begin as early as tomorrow, Friday, June 2019. And the convention will last until June 30, 2019.

There are more things to discover in this year’s ToyCon, so be sure to attend. Discover the delights with us this weekend!


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