Entertainment Weekly Gets Ready for Game of Thrones Season 5 with 4 New Covers

Entertainment Weekly is definitely getting ready for Game of Thrones’ return on April, 2015 by giving four covers featuring fan-favorite characters.


The EW article that showed these four new covers also mentioned that season 5 will drastically veer away from the source material in more ways the one.


David Benioff added that there’s at least three weddings in this season alone (hopefully none of them gets “red”); but what’s truly intriguing in the article was them admitting that no one is safe once more in the TV series. That’s right, they’ve basically stated that there’s one character who dies this season on TV despite still being very much alive in the George R.R. Martin books  “A Song of Ice and Fire”.


Lastly, get a load of Arya Stark (Maise Williams) who looks all grown up now.


Game of Thrones returns April, 2015 on HBO

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