The ‘Gilmore Girls’ are baaaaaack!

  “Where you lead, I will follow”… remember this? It’s time to bring the lip gloss out because I am so excited to see one of the best mom-daughter relationships ever, back on TV!


One of the greatest things about Gilmore Girls’ revival is, it’s the same cast, including Rory’s three boyfriends (YES). And much to the dismay of almost every GG fan, April Nardini is also set to return. I’m not complaining though. She can’t disappear just because and her existence does not necessarily make Luke an asshole. I mean, the guy has to have some other back story aside from being the diner owner who just can’t admit he’s in love. Not that he wasn’t intriguing enough from the very first season. I’m just saying, Lorelei and Luke, with their respective back stories, would make a really good couple. We can’t rely on fairy tales to keep us dreaming for the one, right?


Now let’s go back to Rory. I loved her as a teenager. Just wondering how she’s going to be this time around. It’s been 8 or 9 years since the last season came to an end and Rory had just graduated from college then. It would be nice to just continue where the show left off but that’s a long time and a lot of birthdays in between so I’m wondering if Rory is married with a child now. That would totally kill the excitement I have for her boyfriends on the revival unless she ends up with Dean Forester. My Rory self will never forget Dean and I will never forgive Logan. Jess will always be that one great friend earned after a breakup. So much feels coming back. LOL.

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It’s also possible that Rory is single and successful. She’s always been that one girl a lot of guys secretly like, anyway. Chances are, she got tired of the attention and focused on her career. Who knows?

I just need to add that I’ve seen Awkward and cannot deny that this show reminded me so much of Gilmore Girls so I’m happy – like Rory happy.

Gilmore Girls will be released on Netflix with four 90-minute episodes but no date for the premiere as of this writing. I guess that gives us time to watch all 7 seasons again?

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