SDCC 2015: Gotham Season Two

What’s A Geek brings you the latest scoop for Gotham Season Two!

Comic Con revealed that this new season will explore the emergence of the super villains in Gotham! We get to see classic Batman villains like Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Clayface and many others! Gotham also introduces new villains like Theo Galavan, a cold and calculating wealthy businessman who plans to takeover the city, and his sister The Tigress, a sadistic enforcer who gets her kinky kicks from the atrocities she commits.

We’ll get to see Edward Nygma fall closer and closer to his Riddler persona with more murders and more puzzles! Penguin takes his place as the “King of Gotham” and will go to extreme lengths to keep his position.

The good(?) guys are also grouping up under Gordon to fight crime and corruption in Gotham. His team will be Harvey Bullock, Leslie Thompkins, Harvey Dent, Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne. Bruce and Alfred join Gordon’s team because of what they discover in Thomas Wayne’s secret office; makes me want to rewatch the whole first season again!

True to the source, Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper will be straddling the forces of good and the darkness that only Gotham has. Let’s wait and see what they might be doing this season.

The Gotham panel also revealed that the Arkham Asylum would be an important and pivotal place for this whole season. The favorite tidbit we got from this panel is the return of Cameron Monaghan, the guy who played Joker early in season one!

Check out the panel below!


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